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Recent Reviews in the Killeen Area
  • To whom it may concern, I took my 2006 BMW M6 with 62,000 miles to Cha... read more To whom it may concern, I took my 2006 BMW M6 with 62,000 miles to Champion Auto Service because of the transmission light illuminated; the car transmission went on into failsafe mode with transmission light illuminated running; Gears did not selected, or changed. The transmission was stuck in neutral gear, and I could not restart engine. It took more than a month to get the car repaired. Therefore, I contacted the shop multiple times and I was receiving deviated responses from shop giving me vague reasons why the car was not ready. After a long waiting, I finally received a call from the shop informing me that the car was ready for pick up. The shop alleged fixed the car by replacing the clutch system. According to the shop, the car's clutch had to be replaced. The total repair cost to include labor and parts was almost US 3000.00 dollars. Based on this repair’s breakdown, mechanics did software update, and clutch replacement. After I made the payment, I received the receipt of payment with detailed work done in the car along with a 12,000 miles warranty for the repair. I drove the car for not even a week and the transmission light illuminated again. The car appeared to have the same aforesaid problem. Once again, I took the car to Champion Auto Service on or about October 1st, 2013 to seek warranty as agreed it on paper. I also found out that the shop took the car to the BMW dealer for repair there. I have been waiting for my car ever since and the auto service consultant continues to make deviated excuses to deliver proper service to the car. Recently, Mr Ray Davis, Champion Auto Service consultant, mentioned that a part was ordered; he also mentioned that the price for that part is almost US2000.00 dollars. I have found the following service bulletin in regard of M6 with SMG III; FC 4F42/4F43 - Hydraulic Unit Faults. Based on the malfunction codes, my car appeared to have the problems listed as follows: * SMG transmission goes into failsafe mode with Trans Light

  • calvinreviewedElite Autoworks

    Great service! A++++++++++++ Highly recommend this shop for all your ... read more Great service! A++++++++++++ Highly recommend this shop for all your repair services. I had my BMW serviced and repaired These guys are very technically sound and very honest. you should definitely go here for you Mercedes and BMW'S Owners. I been serviced by numerous shops nation wide over 20 yrs.' with multiple BMW vehicles that I owned and this shop is among the best without a doubt!

  • FreddyreviewedChampion Auto Service

    I recently took my car to Champion for very basic service. The work wa... read more I recently took my car to Champion for very basic service. The work was done with no problem, although the car was not ready when they said it would be (I sat in the shop 1.5 hours waiting for it to be finished), the problems occurred afterwards. While cleaning the car 2 days later, I discovered the inside door panel had been damaged in several places, I'm assuming when the door was reassembled. I took the car back for replacement of the damaged panel and was told they would "fix" it, as a new panel was cost prohibitive.... They kept the car for 3 days and all efforts to fix it were unsuccessful.... It is still damaged and they will not even discuss putting a new one on. In addition, once again I was told the car was being worked on when in fact it was not.... I have been told they will "try" to find a used panel to replace the one they broke, but it is unlikely one can be found.... (I'm not holding my breath.) The attitude of management is dismissive, unprofessional, and they even went so far as to imply I had caused the damage.... The workmanship I observed on my vehicle was shoddy and hurried, and I believe a direct result of "rushing' because of poor shop management..... I will never take my vehicle back, and only wish I had read more reviews before choosing Champion for service.

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