Clutch Repair in Wichita

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Recent Reviews in the Wichita Area
  • AbigailreviewedEd Jones Automotive

    This is a clean, honest business! All the work was done professionally... read more This is a clean, honest business! All the work was done professionally and explanations given about what was wrong. They are also priced sensibly. Great VW shop!

  • I called these guys for a quote on a repair another shop said I needed... read more I called these guys for a quote on a repair another shop said I needed. They had really great pricing so I took it in. After looking at my car they called me and said I didn't need the engine replaced, but the cause of my problem was a restricted catalytic converter. They replaced the catalytic converter and muffler and my car ran again. They saved me over $2000 that I would have spent replacing the engine like the first shop said needed done. After getting the engine running again, they diagnosed a bad ignition coil which was the original cause of my catalytic converter damage. I didn't know driving with a misfire for a long period of time could damage the exhaust, but now I know. Great choice for auto repair and I talked to the owner directly. I'll definitely be referring everyone I know!

  • DanreviewedThe Clutch Guys

    I took my daughters car in for repair and had a new clutch installed.... read more I took my daughters car in for repair and had a new clutch installed. Reference (2001 Mazda 626). I paid in full for the repairs the same day. Less than month later my daughter called and reported the car was making a clunking noise and the shifter felt loose. She lives about 40 miles away not knowing what the matter was; I had her park the car until I could look at it. On the following Saturday I drove out to her car and gave the car a once over. After opening the hood I could see: 1. The wiring harnesses in and around the transmission were not properly stowed and the dust cap was missing on the clutch slave cylinder bleeder port. 2. Two transmission bell housing bolts were finger tight and one had almost backed its way completely out. 3. I jacked the car and rolled underneath for further inspection just to discover the torque arm that stabilizes the shifter to the transmission had fallen off at the transmission end. The nut and washer meant to secure it was missing. I took a few photos of the items I discovered and returned to the shop located on south Tyler road. An employee behind the counter identified himself as the owner/manager. I explained to him what had happened and presented the pictures of my findings and the original receipt. He apologized and explained everyone is human. I asked him what he was going to do about the situation and in turn asked me the same. I explained that in a perfect world he would refund the total labor cost. He denied this request and offered me a free oil change! I told him I would be a bit skeptical about having his shop work on any of my vehicles in light of the recent circumstances. I explained the tow bill alone would cost at least $200.00 and believed he should return the labor costs. He offered the free oil change again. It was clear after getting down to asking him for $50.00, (this would cover fuel cost) he was not going to hear of any type of refund. This is an example of extremely poor customer service and lack

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