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How To Find an RV Repair Facility

Posted May 01, 2014 by Ken Kupchik


It's important to maintain your RV if you plan on using it properly. These days, RV's can be built as extravagantly as an expensive home, and taking care of it properly will protect your investment. RVs are typically driven in areas with difficult terrain or to secluded locations where repair services may not be easily accessible. You must focus on proper preventative maintenance if you don't want to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a new problem. When the risk of breakdowns and problems is minimized, you can enjoy the RV experience to its fullest. 

When searching for an RV maintenance and repair facility, confirm that the facility has the ability to repair and maintain the following: 
  •     engine
  •     transmission
  •     chassis axles
  •     drive train
  •     steering
  •     wheels
  •     safety systems
  •     fuel system
  •     chassis electronics
  •     suspension system

Interior and Exterior Repairs

An RV provides a relatively tight living space, which makes it essential to maintain its perfect condition. A good RV servicing company will be well-equipped to repair or replace flooring and carpeting, ceiling treatments, counter-tops, cabinets, windows and shades, beds and mattresses, hardware, lighting and lamps, shower, toilet, sinks, and furniture.

Important exterior maintenance includes:

  • painting and refinishing
  • roof resealing
  • leakage repairs and prevention
  • vents
  • skylights
  • windshield
  • exterior lighting
  • molding and inserts
  • hardware
  • entry and compartment doors
  • mirrors
  • graphics
  • waxing
  • polishing and detailing
Since RV repair is highly specialized, they will be fewer and tougher to find than a standard auto repair facility. That being said, RV's are still quite popular all across the country, so finding one won't be as hard as finding someone who works on airplanes. Like your car, take great care of your RV and it will repay you by making your life on the road better than ever.

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