Auto repair software
& telematics device

Automated CRM, web directory & OBD diagnostics tool.

Build customer loyalty and trust.

Our platform helps keep shop customers coming back for all their vehicle services and repairs, and helps shops keep their customers informed about their vehicle needs, increasing a shop’s retention rate up to 30%.

Will looked up the fault code remotely thanks to data transmitted from the vehicle’s OBD-II port, identified the sensor malfunction, called the customer and told them to stop driving and have the car towed into the shop.

With the Mechanic Advisor telematics device and mobile app auto shops connect directly to their customers' vehicles and provide remote diagnostics and service warnings based on the actual usage of the vehicle.


Essential marketing tools.

The most complete and robust auto shop marketing platform that is designed specifically for managing and retaining car owners and their vehicles.

Our automated software systems integrate into existing platforms making it as easy as plug and play. Let our system identify how to keep your customers informed and coming back more often, while still keeping them happy.

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