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  • Thanks Robin.

  • I was proud of the job

  • RUN!!!! Save yoursel a headache and money.This is a SHADY business tha... read more RUN!!!! Save yoursel a headache and money.This is a SHADY business that prays on peoples hard earned $!!!!! I found them through groupon and once I got there I had an uneasy feeling about it but figured I already purchased the Groupon so I agreed to the repairs. It was a simple fix, driver side lower ball joint but he said I actually needed caliber and roter(quote $230) next day came in for repairs it became $400 because he said I shoud do both sides. First problem he deducted 49.99 for a $100 groupon value. One week after repairs my car started displaying same issue I came in for. Got in touch with another mechanic and found out he just applied some grease to the problem area took out good parts out of my car replaced with new so he can charge me more for a more expensive job. Went back so he can correct the problem after couple of days trying to hunt him down and had to wait 40 min for him to even show up. He pulled my wheel apart(after 1 of waiting) and than he hits me with a new bill thinking Im not going to have a choice at that point but to have him finish. I told him no so he offered to give me half of labor charge. I wish Ive seen all the horror review storiesof past customers and how he owes an auto part supply store $1500 before I let him touch my car. I dont even think he knows what he's doing. He put me in danger by putting a band aid on the problem and had me believe he fixed the problem and I was safe. I tried to save money and instead spent $400 and still have to dish out another couple of hundred to repair it. Learn from my mistake and STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!

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