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  • WallyreviewedMidas Jacksonville

    Stranded on the side of road when all transmission fluid leaked out of... read more Stranded on the side of road when all transmission fluid leaked out of non tightened drain plug. Midas said to try and drive car to midas with no transmission fluid on dip stick. Towed to midas. Lady got nail in tire. Took to midas under road hazard. Tire is fine, could not find a thing. Tire still leaking air took back. Tire is fine they said again, still leaking air. Took back third time, said they found it. Still leaking air. Took back 4th time, they finally fixed it. I have security lug nuts on wheels. Special socket was taped to end of lug wrench with electrical tape before we got tires from midas. Lady stranded again when she hit debris in the road. Opened trunk to find lug wrench missing special socket and tape from end. Had to go to advanced auto to buy a socket. Of course you have to buy the complete lug set for $40. Thanks midas. Took tire into midas for replacement under warranty. Compained to manager about missing socket. manager said they never use customer sockets, they have their own, i asked him why did they call me then and ask me where i kept my socket for my wheels. I asked the manager to give me one of his sockets so I could return the set to advanced auto. He had 3 in his hand. He gives me the oldest one and keeps the new looking ones, probably one of which was mine. Stay far away from this place.

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