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Auto Reviews in the Tampa Area

  • Do not go here they will change prices, try to get you to pay over the... read more Do not go here they will change prices, try to get you to pay over the quoted price to correct their shoddy work. I was quoted $220 to put in 2 Catalytic Converters in a 2010 Supercharged Range Rover sport. I ordered my genuine parts from the Land Rover dealership once my parts arrived I scheduled the installation for the next day. When I brought the vehicle in the shop owner offered to source the parts. I told him I’ve already purchased the parts from the dealership. He responded “that is fine” and they began to get started. I waited the estimated 2hr for work to be completed. I stepped out to get get lunch and I received a call from them saying they were having trouble fitting the catalytic converter’s to the manifold pipes. They said the fittings were not the same. I contacted the Land Rover dealership who confirmed the part numbers. They then told me they can take the system back down to correct the spacing and re-fit the catalytic converters for an additional $200 or they can cut the inlet off of the old catalytic converter and attach it to the new catalytic converter because they felt that would make it fit. Dealership advised against this saying altering a part would void the warranty. I asked them to put the vehicle back together that it’s probably best I go to another shop. 5 min late I got my truck back went to leave and it stalled out multiple times. I pulled over and viewed the catalytic converters fittings, both were left completely loose with a 1 in gap. The check engine light, restricted performance light, and low battery light are now on and the truck barely runs. When I returned they kicked me out and refused service after telling me I bought “eBay parts” They also refused to refund payment although they never completed the job properly. I had the vehicle towed to another repair facility immediately. I would stay far away from here if you value your vehicle.

  • LawrencereviewedOHannes Auto Repair

    Did an excellent paint job and checked other parts of the car. This is... read more Did an excellent paint job and checked other parts of the car. This is a Father and son business with over 30 years of ASE certified experience. I've seen cars come in there from Dealers and other Repair Shops when they cannot figure out the problem and John finds it and fixes it in record time. Ramona & Lawrence Bendik Lutz, FL

  • Good day, I stopped at the Brandon Olin Mott location on 8.11.2018 ... read more Good day, I stopped at the Brandon Olin Mott location on 8.11.2018 at about 9:05 AM for an oil change and an auto inspection. When approaching the front, I was met by an employee who identified himself as ‘Neil’. The manager. He didn’t greet me with a hello but instead, asked – What do you want? I explained that I was in need of an oil change on our 2016 Ford Focus and could leave the car if need be. He quickly explained that he closed at 12:00 PM. He stated that he was way too busy to do an oil change and suggested several other oil change places near the Brandon Olin Mott store. These included Goodyear, Pep Boys, America’s oil change, Firestone and 5-minute oil. I was astonished that not only did he not want to help us – He rattled off 5 competitors. I even restated that I could leave the car if need be. I asked if Olin Mott had so much business that he could / would turn me away? He became agitated, raised his voice and re-stated – “I said I don’t have time to do an oil change – Do you understand”. He stepped rather close to me and I actually felt threatened by him. I asked him to back-off which he didn’t do, so I backed up and retreated to my car. I can’t understand why Olin Mott would even employ such an on-the-edge individual. Do you have so much business that you send customers to the competitors? Rest assured, and thanks to Neil, I will never go to an Olin Mott store again. I did go to one of your competitors that day, Firestone where I was greeted with a smile and had my oil change / car inspection done in about 30 minutes. Have a good Day – Tony Drucker of Brandon, FL

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