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Auto Reviews in the Tampa Area

  • Good day, I stopped at the Brandon Olin Mott location on 8.11.2018 ... read more Good day, I stopped at the Brandon Olin Mott location on 8.11.2018 at about 9:05 AM for an oil change and an auto inspection. When approaching the front, I was met by an employee who identified himself as ‘Neil’. The manager. He didn’t greet me with a hello but instead, asked – What do you want? I explained that I was in need of an oil change on our 2016 Ford Focus and could leave the car if need be. He quickly explained that he closed at 12:00 PM. He stated that he was way too busy to do an oil change and suggested several other oil change places near the Brandon Olin Mott store. These included Goodyear, Pep Boys, America’s oil change, Firestone and 5-minute oil. I was astonished that not only did he not want to help us – He rattled off 5 competitors. I even restated that I could leave the car if need be. I asked if Olin Mott had so much business that he could / would turn me away? He became agitated, raised his voice and re-stated – “I said I don’t have time to do an oil change – Do you understand”. He stepped rather close to me and I actually felt threatened by him. I asked him to back-off which he didn’t do, so I backed up and retreated to my car. I can’t understand why Olin Mott would even employ such an on-the-edge individual. Do you have so much business that you send customers to the competitors? Rest assured, and thanks to Neil, I will never go to an Olin Mott store again. I did go to one of your competitors that day, Firestone where I was greeted with a smile and had my oil change / car inspection done in about 30 minutes. Have a good Day – Tony Drucker of Brandon, FL

  • StanreviewedJiffy Lube

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS, THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAR! I went in for a standa... read more AVOID AT ALL COSTS, THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAR! I went in for a standard oil change and was talked in to a coolant system and brake system flush. A few minutes into the flush the manager (Lynn) came over and told me there was a problem. He said there must have been a hairline crack in my coolant reservoir and that the flush made it worse, I would need a new reservoir to the tune of $250, and they couldn’t get it today. I was forced to take a cab home (no offer of a ride) and came back the next day to get my car. I asked to see the old reservoir and when I did I could easily see they lied to me, both hose couplings were completely broken off. I complained and they told me that there would be no refund, it wasn’t their fault it got broke. The next day my car started overheating so I took it to the dealership. They found that JiffyLube had used the wrong coolant type (my car requires the orange “Dex” coolant and they used the standard green stuff). Also, the reservoir was not installed properly and was leaking from the hose couplings. I had to get the entire system flushed again and new clamps installed. JiffyLube refuses to cover any of these repairs and outright lies about what happened. Now they say my car had no coolant in it when I came in, but a corvette in Florida overheats if it has no coolant. I had no leaks, no overheating issues, no coolant smell, and no coolant on my garage floor, yet they say it was already broken and out of coolant when I arrived. I don’t see how I drove in but had to take a cab home if they did nothing wrong. I plan on taking this to the BBB and small claims court as I am out $450 because of their incompetence. If you care about your car, avoid this place. I should have known something was off when they left the dipstick out of the car before me and had to stop the person from leaving and reinstall it when they noticed it on the ground as the customer got in their car.

  • AlexreviewedAAMCO North Tampa

    Company refuses to honor it's warranty. Their mechanic improperly inst... read more Company refuses to honor it's warranty. Their mechanic improperly installed a transmission and they charged to fix his errors. I recently brought in a friend's Nissan Altima to have the transmission replaced and had it charged to my AAMCO Credit Card account. After picking the picking up the auto, the starter made a grinding noise when attempting to start the vehicle. Believing this to be a separate problem I took it to my regular mechanic. He stated that the problem was the screw in the transmission mounting was improperly installed and was causing damage to the starter. We had the car towed to their shop. The manager "Charlie" informed us that since another mechanic looked at the vehicle they would not honor the warranty. This is unacceptable because without having a third party inspect the vehicle how would they be found at fault. It is all around bad business to allow your employees to perform substandard work, and even worse practice not to fix the problem when it does occur.I currently have an open complaint with the better business bureau about the matter.

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