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Auto Reviews in the Hartselle Area

  • Had power steering pump and reservoir replaced. Found out that the rub... read more Had power steering pump and reservoir replaced. Found out that the rubber gasket between the two was twisted when installed. Caused a slow leak and then blew out rack and pinion. Had A/C replaced- never cooled great but he said that’s all it would do. It went out also. He said it was out of warranty. When I went to take vehicle to him explaining the power steering issue and the incompetence of installation he walked away while I was talking to him. I already fixed this issue with that and was not expecting him to do anything-rather. I wanted to let him know what happened so it doesn’t happen to future repairs. He was very unprofessional and I recommend finding a different mechanic, as, your money will be better spent with someone else.

  • If I could give zero stars I would. I originally had my car towed to i... read more If I could give zero stars I would. I originally had my car towed to integrity based off a recommendation, unfortunately that was a colossal mistake. I was given assurances that my car would be taken care of in a timely manner, but that wasn’t the case. Keeping me completely in the dark about any progress would be a huge understatement. I had to call anytime I wanted an update. Two weeks later that was still the case. After a week of giving me every excuse known to man as to why my car hadn’t been repaired yet, I decided to cut my losses and get my car and take somewhere else. Upon arriving, the owner asked me to give him one more chance and the car would be ready by Monday because they were going to put in a new fuel pump. Against my better judgment I gave him the benefit of the doubt in hopes that they would rectify the situation and all would be resolved...WRONG!!! Not only did they put in a new fuel pump that didn’t fix the problem, they also, without my consent, ordered a special $300 key that still didn’t fix my car. It was only after I called did they tell me about the key. Because the car still wasn’t fixed, they informed me that they had ordered some sensors (very vague to say the least). Fast forward another frustrating week, to the following Friday, which was just a repeat of the previous week of me having to call to find out any “progress”, etc. and my car is still not fixed. Imagine my frustration! So I call (once again) and I’m connected to a girl, not in service department but in the accounting dept. it was clear to me she wasn’t in the service dept because she was extremely rude and unprofessional. After having asked if I could speak to the owner one last time she gave me the age old excuse that he was in a very important meeting. When I asked if he could call after the meeting she rudely told me that she could not make any promises. So here’s where accounting girl says that she’ll take the key off because SHE had to pay for the locksmith...I just stand in awe that a business named Integrity hasn’t told me the truth once since this nightmare started. Yes I am frustrated, but I just don’t want anybody else to make the same mistake I did by taking their car to these people. You can find more integrity in a democrat than you can at this joke of a repair shop

  • This shop took their time with my car (it spent a total of 17-18 month... read more This shop took their time with my car (it spent a total of 17-18 months there), we were lied to Multiple times, they put unnecessary things into my car without informing us about it, they didn’t communicate with us well and when we’d ask why it was taking so long, they’d make up excuses (it happened frequently) and the owner, Robert Taylor, was EXTREMELY rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. All in all, we were scammed out of $2700+ and wasted two years with these people. I definitely do NOT recommend.

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