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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Benton Area

  • GregreviewedSmith Campers

    I live in Denver, CO and spoke with Joe Smith several times about an R... read more I live in Denver, CO and spoke with Joe Smith several times about an RV trailer toyhauler he had for sale on Craigslist. He provided good pictures and was as descriptive as possible about the trailer. The trailer was in generally good condition and needed some clean up, but the price was very fair and they made sure I was completely satisfied before I left. He even threw in a full stabilizer system with it before I left. He deals in used RVs and some have more problems than others, just ask a lot of questions and inspect well before buying it. They will try to make you happy and they will work with you.

  • Amber reviewedSmith Campers

    The wood trim was SOAKING wet & rotted. The couch cushions were wet. T... read more The wood trim was SOAKING wet & rotted. The couch cushions were wet. The pullout sofa mattress was molding from wet. The wood on the cabinets was splitting from dry rot. When asked to push slideout in. They couldn't use the proper outlet because they didn't fix the wiring and had jerry rigged a toggle switch to the battery on the outside of the trailer. When the slideout was pushed back out all of the seal that they supposedly replaced came off with the slideout. The front outside of aluminum was pulling away from camper. The floor had several soft spots. The bathtub had a crack. After all of that, we decided to pass on this pathetically attempted repair job that was promised to us as "good to go." When we asked Allen what happened? I thought you were a man of your word? He said, "Well, there's only so much you can fix at that price." He never told us it would be a botch job because they advertised the wrong price. When we got home that evening I was looking on craigslist for campers and noticed that they had relisted the same camper, with same photos, "everything works" for $6700. This dealership has and will continue to take advantage of shotty work and making a buck off it. We wasted out time, $200 in gas, wear and tear on our vechile and a week's worth of effort for nothing. Not to mention the disappointment my family felt when we left without a camper.

  • Amber reviewedSmith Campers

    Filed on : February 8 2012 Better Business Bureau of Little Rock, AR ... read more Filed on : February 8 2012 Better Business Bureau of Little Rock, AR Filed against : Smith Campers 8306 Macarthur Dr North Little Rock AR 72118-2029 Complaint Description: 2002 Keystone Sprinter Bunkhouse listed on 2 different websites for $5500. When I spoke with Salesman, Allen on 1/30/12. He stated the camper was priced wrong, should have been $6500, but would honor the price. We live in Nixa MO & wanted to come look at it. He said he needed to check the roof of the slideout for a prior leak that had been fixed to make sure it was fixed. Call him back the next day. Called him on 1/31/12 He had been really busy and hadn't got to it yet. He promised us first dibs on the camper, as he had 10 other people wanting it. We had cash & wanted to purchase as long as everything checked out fine. Allen stated, "I am a man of my word. This camper will be in great condition, ready to go because they had a reputation and wanted to make it right." Call him the next day. We called the next day 2/1/12 the insulation in the wall was wet. They needed to work on the wall. Also, going to replace some flooring under cabinets because of soft spots from being wet. Call the next day 2/2/12 they needed to replace the whole roof on the slideout & instead of just taking down the rubber seal, I'm going to replace it." Because he, yet again, "wanted to make it right." "Then wanted to do his final inspections to make sure it was right." Call him on Monday. We called on Monday 2/6/12. "We're still working on it. Need to run a hose over the top to make sure we got the leak. Call back at 3." Called back at 3, it's ready! "You can come and pick it up Tuesday, it not going to be perfect because of the screwheads sticking out where we replaced the wall" 2/7/12. When drove 200 miles to pickup what we thought was going to be a camper ready to go. It was not. There was damage to the back outside of the trailer behind the slideout that was never mentioned, nor in photos on listing. The wood tr

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