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Motorcycle Reviews in the Tempe Area

  • At adrenaline performance motorcycles i experienced friendly, knowledg... read more At adrenaline performance motorcycles i experienced friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people. Highly recommended.Best place to take your bike in town! Way better than the steal-ership!Got my first oil change there since i bought my 2006 r6.And as an added bonus, The owner was there the whole time to answer my questions about what i can buy to make my bike faster and look cooler. Even showed the products to me in his catalogs and told me he could order them and install them within a few days. Even showed me his dyno and said he could install and tune a power comander and quickshifter right there.Jeremy the owner said he would be closed this week but i plan on going back next week to get a power comander and maybe an exhaust that was hanging in the waiting room.

  • If you love your ride (2002 cbr600 f4i) as much as I do, you know it ... read more If you love your ride (2002 cbr600 f4i) as much as I do, you know it can be really difficult to find a good sportbike shop in mesa. Sure, that may sound crazy for a big city... but do you know how many rip-offs are out there?! You've got to be careful! Adrenaline performance is officially my go to spot for any repairs to my baby. For good reason: they're skilled, knowledgable, entertaining, quick, and extremely thorough. To be honest with you, I had never been as pleased as I was then when I had called adrenaline. It was one of the first weekends of sub 90 degree weather in a while since summer started and POP - I ran over a bolt that an idiot dropped in the hov lane on the 202 and desperately needed a new back tire to make it home.That and underwear as this was the first time ive ever had to try and slow to a stop with a flat tire. I called up a few shops and was quoted anything from 175-225 for a new or slightly used tire and pickup including labor and because it was so late my bike would most likely have to sit overnight (or until highway patrol towed it lol). Well, Siitting overnight was not an option.Adrenaline had the best price and was the closest to my unfortunate tire problem so I had the owner Jeremy come pick me and my bike up with no real expectations. When we arrived at the shop, I was promptly greeted by two guys at the front counter. They were extremely inviting and although the place was closing in about 30 mins or so and obviously busy, they took my bike in without any problem. In fact, they seemed happy I had chosen them. That was refreshing! Anyway, long story short they fixed my bike and even let me try on some cool new leathers. We had a really great conversation in the twenty or so minutes it took for them to fix her up, too. Here's the best part: I was so excited my bike was back in action, I couldn't wait to take it outside for a test ride. Before I hopped on, I saw that their mechanic (mike I believe) had tightened up a few bolts that were loose on the windscreen and went out of his way to even tighten up my phone-holder. WHOA. I was really surprised that someone took time out of their day to do something like that...for no reason. I know it probably didn't take him long or mean much to him, but that gesture meant a lot to me. That kind of genuine customer service is hard to come by these days and as long as I'm in Arizona, I'll find it very difficult to go anywhere else for my riding needs. Thanks jeremy, mike,others at Adrenaline!

  • These guys are the best! The Hub called from work yesterday morn... read more These guys are the best! The Hub called from work yesterday morning to report that his motorcycle was leaking gasoline all over the place. He quickly returned home and brought it to the motorcycle repair shop nearest our place, Adrenaline Performance. These guys are so wonderful. We had only gone there once before, for an inspection, and they were nice and quick. Most other motorcycle places roll their eyes when they hear the word "inspection" (read: no profit), and then make the customer wait and wait, partly to teach them a lesson for wasting the mechanics' time on such nonprofitable nonsense, and partly to make the customer so exasperated that he'll just take his bike back and go elsewhere to get the inspection done. But none of that hogwash here at Adrenaline Performance. Yesterday however, a bona fide repair job was necessary. Gas literally pouring out of somewhere from the bike. The Hub pulls in there and is greeted by one of the brothers, he explains the problem, and is told to leave the bike, that they will fix it and call him when it's done. Oh my. When I heard that, I started dialing our accountant, preparing to tap in to some major moola: Speed Motorcycle Repair is located on the East side, and judging by the rates we'd been charged by auto mechanics in this area for our car repairs, I was fearing the worst. Later in the day, the shop called to say the bike was ready and to come get it in the morning. No figure was given over the phone regarding the charges. Yikes. So The Hub went this morning before work get the bike. He was shown the old part that went bad, and was given a full explanation of what was done. Hub gulped, then asked that dreaded question: "So what do I owe you?" The figure? $40! A measly $40! These guys replaced an obscure little part, dismantled all kinds of shit in order to get to the part, then put everything back together again - and all they charged was $40 for the part AND the labor! (labor her

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