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  • AngelinareviewedArizona Heat Busters

    If I could give this place zero stars, I would. If you dont want to r... read more If I could give this place zero stars, I would. If you dont want to read this whole thing, to sum it up, go somewhere else where they can do your car properly without making excuses. YOU WILL RECEIVE A LESS THAN INFERIOR JOB WITH YOUR ONLY OPTION BEING "PAY MORE" TO FIX HIS MISTAKE. My husband took his car in and I had an emergency so he got the car back and quickly came to me and my kids. When he got to me, I looked at the car and couldn't believe he left the shop with the windows the way they were. I understand bubbles may take some time to burn off, we'll see if thats an issue soon, as you can tell I have ZERO confidence in this place. The tint does not cover the window completely. The edging is terrible. The corners are rounded off, when we do not have rounded-cornered windows. We took the car to two other tint shops and they both agreed that the job is bad. One out of four windows came out as expected. The back window I am not happy with either, the bottom edging of the window looks like my six year old son did the cutting. My husband goes back to the shop and asks if we can get the windows fixed, like the one good window. The guy then tells my husband that the car is fine and the hard plastic on the window does not allow him to go to the edge of the window, which allows a gap between the window (except for one window, perhaps that window is made of different material...). The gaps look ridiculous. I have had many cars tinted in my life, and seen many tint jobs, on cars of similar style, and they do not look like this. After the owner looked at the car, he told my husband he would be back, and he began helping other people and just ignored my husband and acted like he wasnt there. I called the owner to find out what is the problem with fixing the car. He repeats what he told my husband, due to the hard plastic... So I ask, why not tell us this car is difficult for you and he states the only way is to take the window off, or remove the door seals, which would be additional cost.. additional cost to fix what should have been done properly in the first place.. I dont think so. Then he states, your husband didnt want to pay additional cost for the top of the line film, why would he want to pay extra to have the job done properly. Excuse me?? Can we make that decision for ourselves? Who would knowingly pay to have a job done improperly?? If he had told my husband, "because your car has hard plastic around the windows, there will be a gap, unless you want me to do A or B" we could have made a better decision on the tint, or at least known that our tint job would be inferior. Then he tells me to go to the mall and go look at other car window tints and see how it looks.. Seriously, I was looking at the car I was currently in, even pushing the rubber seal back, I still cant see where the tint ends. After going round and round, obviously not getting anywhere, we end our phone call. The owner is extremely rude, stating he has 27 years of experience.. you would think in 27 years you could learn customer service. You have an unhappy customer, fix the problem. He's telling me we are the only people in all his years to ever complain about the window gapping. Find that hard to believe. If you survived this review, run away from this place. Or if you just want something thrown on and do not care about about quality work, this is your place!

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