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1- Oil Change and Lube
2- General Maintenance
3- Tire Rotation
4- Factory Scheduler Service
5- Check Brakes
6- General Pre-Trip Inspection
7- North Carolina State Inspection
8- Wheel Alignment
9- Balance Tires
AA- Check Engine Light On
AB- Pre-Race Inspection
AC and Heating Repair
Auto Safety/Emissions Inspection
Brake Fluid Flush
Check Exhaust
Check Starter, alternator, battery
Check Steering
Check Suspension
Check Timing Belt
Check Tires
Clutch Repair
Differential Repair
Drivetrain Issue
Electrical Diagnosis
Emissions Testing
Engine Diagnosis
Engine Performance Issue
Fuel Injection Repair
Headlight Restoration
Heater System Check/Dagnosis
Noise Diagnosis
Power Steering Flush
Transfer Case Repair
Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection
Vibration Diagnosis

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Creech Import Repair

1818 St Albans Dr #106
RaleighNC 27609

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