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Gas Station Reviews in the Albany Area

  • I would like to inquire why there is an $8.00 difference in purchasing... read more I would like to inquire why there is an $8.00 difference in purchasing gas by cash than purchasing gas by CC. I know that there should be a fee but a $8.00 fee cost difference? That seems like such a rip off of the customer. I would really like an explanation as to why such a big difference. I use the service at least twice a week but now that I realize that I end up paying more than if I went to the Cheveron station which is across the street from my house is a waste. If I cannot get a reasonable explanation I am affraid that although I may be only one patron, but I will be forced to take my business to my neighborhood service station. The second part of the question is when asking the attendant why the different he got serious attitude and became very hostile and indifferent to my request for an explanation. If he did not know then he should have advised me of whom I could contact and where. The station No. L306974669001; location 2951 High St Oakland Ca 94619. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question with a reasonable expanation as to why I should continue using your services. Wh

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