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Auto Reviews in the Bakersfield Area

  • MartinreviewedWatts Up Mobile Audio

    This guy is a true professional; he can help you with any shorts (elec... read more This guy is a true professional; he can help you with any shorts (electrical issues) you may have in your vehicle. He does a lot of sound system installations corrections from other shops with respect and dignity. His motto: "Quality And Honesty Is First"

  • Do yourself a favor by not shopping at Auto Sounds of Bakersfield. Sho... read more Do yourself a favor by not shopping at Auto Sounds of Bakersfield. Shop somewhere else unless you don't mind wasting a lot of your own time. First of all, this place is very busy, which in some cases could be a good sign. However, I believe in this case it is their downfall. Auto Sounds of Bakersfield’s showroom lacks any type of visual organization and it looks more like a warehouse than a place for customers to try out products. Even Auto Sounds of Bakersfield’s outside advertising billboard is broken with pieces of glass or plastic knocked out appearing long overdue for repair. How does Auto Sounds of Bakersfield’s lack of luster relate? Well, it should have been a red flag for me about the type of service I would receive as a customer at Auto Sounds of Bakersfield’s. While the staff are very friendly and appear to be very knowledgeable, don't get sucked into dropping your vehicle off on a Friday at 9:00am only to find out they don't even have the necessary parts to begin the install. Auto Sounds of Bakersfield’s ensured me not to worry that they would get started on the vehicle and once the part arrived at 11:00 it would be used to finalize the install. At 2:30pm, after calling Auto Sounds of Bakersfield, and not getting any real information whether the install was complete, I arrived back at the store to see for myself what was going on. I found my vehicle sitting untouched. When I confronted the owner's son he told me; " UPS is here everyday at 11:00, they must be running late, but when they get here we are ready to get the job done." As a customer, I asked why Auto Sounds of Bakersfield didn't track the package or call UPS since it was far past UPS’s regular scheduled delivery time. Auto Sounds of Bakersfield had no answer other than they were really busy and UPS delivery is beyond their control. Now working as the customer, I personally phoned UPS for Auto Sounds of Bakersfield to figure out why shipping was running nearly 4-hours late. In a matter of minute

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