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Dealership Reviews in the Irvine Area

  • I purchased a 2003 Mini Cooper from Orange Empire on 7-2006. After a c... read more I purchased a 2003 Mini Cooper from Orange Empire on 7-2006. After a couple of months, the car started acting up at 50-55 mph, it hesitated. I took it to a shop and they couldn’t find the problem. If you’re a Mini Cooper owner, you will understand where I’m coming from. Not any shop can diagnose these vehicles. I kept driving the car, but the problem persisted and I took it back to Orange Empire on the 7th month owning this vehicle. They kept the car for 2 days. They took it to Mini dealership to have it checked. When I got it back, the car was magically running fine again. I drove it without problems for almost a year and then the problem came back. I took it to a nearby shop. They stated that the transmission was the problem. Since then, I have goggled and researched a lot of about this problem. Dealers can get away by flushing, changing the oil and resetting the transmission. I called the dealer again and they refused to do anything about. Their favorite phrase is, you bought it “as-is” and suggested that next time I buy an extended warranty on a used vehicle. They sold me a car that had a bad transmission and they know it, they just don’t like to repair used cars they buy for retail. Instead they make them look presentable for purchase and screw buyers over. Check out their BBB complaints, they always have a comeback for every situation. I put in all my savings into this purchase and got ripped off. No one deserves this, no one! I would have NOT purchase 25k vehicle with a bad transmission. No one in their right mind would. We “consumers” trust that vendors will be honest and sell us decent vehicles. This vehicle was not inspected at all and of course I am no mechanic and couldn’t have possibly known that all this needed to be replaced. The car needs a new transmission, front/rear struts, power steering suction and return hose, marker light bulb and the replacement of the upper engine torque mount. I should have had warned others buyers earlier t

  • PLEASE, DO NOT GO TO OC NISSAN of GARDEN GROVE, CA for anything (ie. b... read more PLEASE, DO NOT GO TO OC NISSAN of GARDEN GROVE, CA for anything (ie. buying a car, getting service maintenance for your car, etc.). I DO NOT RECOMMEND OC NISSAN OF GARDEN GROVE, CA TO ANYBODY - ESPECIALLY MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY, SO THIS MEANS TO ALL OF YOU, TOO! I bought a car from them and I was treated badly, without Integrity and Ethics (they say they have high Integrity and Ethics - this is BULL CRAP!), and they damaged my car in so many ways (broke my front window, scratched my odometer's window and doors, dirtied my car with black stuff, dented my tire's metal thing - making my car lose tire pressure every month, dented the side-bottom of my car, and yelled and lectured me about Nissan of Garden Grove's Integrity and Ethics after losing my personal belongings). I told them about this - they didn't care and said that they do no such thing. They only fixed my front window because the damage was too big to be ignored. Also, before I bought the car - my mind was set on a different car with cash back on it - the sales person told me to buy another car because it has the same amount of cash back on it, so I did. THE CAR THAT I BOUGHT DID NOT HAVE ANY CASH BACK VALUE AT ALL! The sales person told me that the INVENTORY PRICE is the SAME as the MSRP (MANUFACTURE'S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE) - SO NOT TRUE! Also, I was denied a print-out copy of the INVENTORY PRICE - people, please know that if you ask for a print-out copy of the INVENTORY PRICE - you should get it (they shouldn't deny you). Also, I was promised a whole year's worth of free oil change (no matter how many times I brought my car in for the service) - THEY LIED! I ONLY GOT 4 FREE OIL CHANGES IN TOTAL.

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