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  • Had a hard time with your company. I took my car over there expecting ... read more Had a hard time with your company. I took my car over there expecting one price. And they gave me a price that was triple. The price allow me to keep the car there for a week after paying the bill and then told me I need to pick my car app that day even though I had the money to fix it. You guys were horrible and give me time to fix it.

  • I went in for a standard oil change and my tire low pressure light was... read more I went in for a standard oil change and my tire low pressure light was on and was not shutting off even after fixing pressure. They called me to tell me I needed all brakes and a list of fluids that needed to be drained and replaced, also they could fix the tire pressure sensor. I asked about prices and they were very cagey and didn't want to break down charges by service item and I do know complete brake jobs can be a bit expensive. However, when the job was done and I could actually see the breakdown of charges I was blindsided to find out that they charged each little service at 189.00 EACH just for labor (example: brake fluid change, coolant change etc) instead of pricing as you would expect for what was a tune up type of service. There is no way each of those jobs was an hour each. Then the kicker... To replace the tire pressure sensor.. they bibnt tell me the cost up front, I assumed about max 100.00, but instead $ 700.00, without warning me up front, I could replace all of my tires for new ones for less money. They charged 200.00 to remove the tires, another 200.00 to put the tires back on and 300.09 for the stupid sensor parts.... Any decent person would have asked if I was certain I wanted the damn sensor fixed when they in new it would be 700.00. I could just ignore the tire pressure light and monitor it myself OR just replace the tires, basic common sense . The car was there for about 8 hours and they charged me about $2,000 in labor alone, which comes out to 250.00 per hour in labor alone, that is about as much as a lawyer charges for services. I filed a complaint the with their office and asked for management to review the pricing.. got the typical canned response that the pricing was correct in their opinion and that their main concern is getting people their cars back as quickly as possible...... Clearly, I will never be going back to Orozcos ever again and yet another example of why people don't trust mechanic shops any more than a used car safes person

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