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Boat Reviews in the Oakland Area

  • Thomas previously was doing business as PCS Marine in Pittsburg, Calif... read more Thomas previously was doing business as PCS Marine in Pittsburg, California. I took my boat to him in 2012 to have an overheating issue diagnosed and he found out my 350 motor had been damaged by a faulty head gasket and needed to be rebuilt to the tune of $3000+. I told him there was no way I could afford that as I was recovering from Kidney Cancer Surgery and was all tapped out financially from not working. I told him that I would pick-up my boat and would just have to let it sit inoperable. Thomas called me back the next evening saying not to worry about my boat, that he had talked to customers/friends about my situation and that they had pledged enough money to pay for my motor to be rebuilt. I started crying on the phone at their awesome display of generosity and told Thomas to thank them all for me. He told me it would take awhile to do the work as it would be when he had free time from paying customers, to which I said that was no problem. I checked back with him every month or so just to see how things were progressing and even paid him $800 as he said my engine block was bad and he had to buy a rebuild-able core motor. He eventually sent me photos showing my boat with the old motor removed and the new motor sitting next to it on a stand. After nine months, my boat still wasn't finished so I called to talk to Thomas and he started yelling at me and told me to come get my boat off his property. I went there and saw he had put my old damaged motor back in my boat. I tried talking to him but he just started cursing at me and told me to GTF off his property. Thomas Schmidt stole $800 from me in addition to however much money his customers/friends had given towards repairing my boat. In the unlikely event this horrible person is still in business, don't let him con you into being another victim.

  • If I could give a zero star rating I would. Look up PCS Marine out of... read more If I could give a zero star rating I would. Look up PCS Marine out of Pittsburg CA, Thomas’s old company. Who leaves a client, moves to Florida abruptly with his family leaving our boat in worse shape than it was given to them in the first place? This company!!! Worst part of it is they took nearly $19,000 from us to only sand down our boat, which the shop that actually did fix it said they should have never done and was unprofessional. Thomas Schmidt lied to my husband for two years saying he was working on our family boat. The only thing he did was hack it, steal and take off saying he went bankrupt. He also tried to say that he told my husband that based on the damage that our boat had it would be low priority to work on and that it should have cost way more. We never asked him to submit a false invoice of the work that was needed or the cost for the full repair. We were given that proposal thinking we would be back on the water in a year and enjoying it with our family once again. I can’t even tell you the disappointment my boys shared in getting our boat back, worse than the day we brought it in. I have a TON of pictures and invoices for the work they “said” the cost would cover. Thomas Schmidt “seemed” like he was trying to help our family from the beginning, working with the insurance as hard as he could. We now know it was so he could steal our money from under our nose. Don’t pay for anything like we did until your work is done. That is the ultimate mistake that we made with this poor excuse of a human being. Don’t be scammed, beware of this company.

  • 2002 2301 Seaswirl Rebuilt Thanks again Tom and Outbreak Marine team!... read more 2002 2301 Seaswirl Rebuilt Thanks again Tom and Outbreak Marine team!? Awesome job Tom and Outbreak Marine team! Your diligence shows the workmanship that every boat deserves. Boat runs like a dream after a complete motor rebuild as you recommend it and delivered as promised. No more un burn gas odor that every boat owner would hate to have. I tell you that this boat found a shop for life. Thank god we found you on craigslist. I know after talking to you on the phone, I felt the passion for the work you do and it shows the results. I highly recommend Outbreak Marine to anyone that needs work on their boat and expect the issues to be resolved. If your searching for an honest shop, stands behind their service, owner who's not afraid to get dirty and present you the replaced parts with detailed information without having to ask for them I believed speaks great integrity. Lastly, thanks for shedding some light on preventive maintenance so future headaches can be avoided.

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