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Auto Reviews in the Orangevale Area

  • Finding an affordable, reliable, local auto repair business is challen... read more Finding an affordable, reliable, local auto repair business is challenging at best. Looking to support a local, honest, mechanic ... FOUND HIM! Paul was so personable, honest and forthcoming ... his family-owned and operated business was a God send. Thank you and your team for stellar customer service. Highly recommend his company - you won't be disappointed.

  • MariareviewedRoseville Auto Care

    This is the only shop I will take my car to get worked on and don't le... read more This is the only shop I will take my car to get worked on and don't let the name fool you, it's more than brake and alignment work, they do everything! From the small stuff like oil changes or alignments to the bigger things and anything you may need. Last time I got my car an oil change one of the mechanics Miles, even went as far as to clean my foggy headlights so they look brand new, for a very reasonable price! Going to a small shop like this one is far better than going to one of the big corporations, like Midas or Jiffy Lube. Shops like that only care about taking your money (I know this from experience), Roseville Brake and Alignment actually cares about your car and the work they put into it, and are always honest. The employees are always friendly and my car always comes back with no problems and in a timely manner. The owner, Paul is very friendly and always reasonable. Overall I gotta say this is the best shop in town, definitely check it out, you won't regret it! Maria H. Citrus Heights, CA.

  • Jeremias took $3500 from me to put a used engine in my old car. Once ... read more Jeremias took $3500 from me to put a used engine in my old car. Once he took possession of it and took the head off, the game was over. When removing your car and going somewhere else is no longer an option, you have the tiger by the tail. The "cost" kept increasing up to $1800 that I still (involuntarily) agreed to. ($1500 had been my target cost) The last day he told me the final price was $3100, (+ the $700 for the used, untested motor...which was BAD) without my having approved of THAT absurd figure. Many "chores" were charged as separate procedures to jack up the price. Charging hours of labor for motor mounts when the engine is being replaced anyway is one example. The engine had no oil pressure and the "engine" light was on. Smog was due in six weeks and a component was missing. I had to sell the car for junk ($49 at Pick N Pull) and I had to go to court. I won in court but he won't pay. The sheriff went for a "till tap" but couldn't collect any money because he does cash transactions from his pocket. His profile with the BBB and others was not consistent with his past life, as far as years in auto repair, etc. He knows every trick in the book. "If you give this man your ride, sweet memories will die." (slight variation of the Jim Morisson song) I have all the paperwork to prove these comments, from the greed-driven invoice from 1st Choice to the $49 receipt from Pick N Pull. In court he acts confused and thinks I should have brought it BACK to him! I'm actually a little curious to see how high his lack of shame would allow him to raise the price. Of course I regret paying the total to remove my car. I should have let him keep it, but I thought the legal route was the way to go. Well...not so much with this slick operator.

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