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DMV Reviews in the Boulder Area

  • The women that work in this office on Coffman St in Longmont are just ... read more The women that work in this office on Coffman St in Longmont are just hateful and rude! They treat people like their nothing and with disrespect, I went in to get new tags for my car not knowing that I had to have an up-dated emissions test I took the first emissions test that I had done from when I purchased my car, The representative I was unfortunately stuck with was Justine she was so rude and hateful to me she talked down to me like I was an idiot. I don't buy a new car that often to know that you have to have more then one emissions test done? As long as the car is running fine (not smoking) and is serviced when needed. No need for the rudeness... If your going to work customer service with the public you need to have a way better attitude then that and treat people with respect! Then there was a spanish gentleman sitting behind me with another representative, The guy was having difficulties taking due to a language barrier the representative treated him awful continued to make him repeat himself and talking to him very rude the man seemed to get embarrassed and the representative did not try to do anything to make things better. I understand it's his issue for not knowing the language but you still don't treat people like that! Regardless! This office needs a major clean in employees if your going to work customer service and with the public then treat people the same way you want to be treated! WITH RESPECT! FINAL!

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