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Auto Reviews in the Longmont Area

  • Sharon was very knowledgeable and friendly!

  • My car entered this shop on August 23, 2022 at 9am. The next day I had... read more My car entered this shop on August 23, 2022 at 9am. The next day I had an estimate of $6k-$6800k to do the repair. I told them I needed the car with a pretty quick turn around as we were going on a trip September 10-20th and I have a mother with very limited mobility who the vehicle works very well for. Scott said they would try very hard to get it to me by the 9th of September. I follow up to see how progress is going on August 26th as a check in. Scott told me that they would begin breaking down my engine on Monday August 29th. I call September 2nd. Apparently they had done nothing that entire week because Scott presented a plan where the Engine would be broken down on the 5th, put into a shop that grinds down heads on the 6th, and on 7th and 8th other various work would be done to try to get me that vehicle by the 9th before our trip. On September 8th I called to ask did he still think 9th was possible. Scott told me No it was not. I asked where they were on the vehicle and Scott tells me they had broken down the engine a little. So at this juncture they have had my vehicle two weeks and two days with very little done to it. They knew I was going on vacation and would work to finish the job. The following week I called mid-week and he seemed surprised to hear from me. He asked me if I wasn't on vacation. I stated yes but wanted to see how the car was progressing and hoping to have it back when I returned 10 days later. He told me they basically has sorta put it aside as I was on vacation but they would get this car to the head shop as quickly as possible. They were having issues with the head shop because of lack of employees at that place. Now they had earlier told me my car would be in the head shop on the 6th. I got home 12 days later due to an illness. I got no update from them the entire week of September 26th and quite honestly I did not even want to check in because I knew my car would not even have been worked on and did not want to deal with it. I called bright and early on September 26th. They have had my car over a month now. Scott told me they would be getting my car to the head shop on the 27th. I asked when would I get my car after that. He said they would take a day to be done with it and it would take him a day and a half to put it back together. So I said, so Wednesday we should be close to done. He got non-committal and that point and I hung up, knowing I would not be getting my care on Wednesday or Thursday. You know when you know. So I call bright and early today, September 29th 2022. Over and over I call with no one picking up. I text my husband and ask him to call from his number. Surprise, surprise... they apparently picked up the phone with him. They tell him that they getting the heads back today or tomorrow and there is a valve issue they discovered they ordered the part for. Meanwhile I am still calling and he answers. I don't know that he actually picked up the phone for my husband. He is very gruff with me and tells me to ask my husband about it because he is busy with customers. Well of course Scott. It's not like you have had my car over a month and still committed to the "Getting heads back in the shop" story that apparently only lasts a day so it did not go in on Tuesday or any other the other times I was told it would be done. Don't let customer service and holding my car hostage get in the way of you duping others. Supposedly the new day of completion will be either this Friday or Monday. We shall see.

  • JennyreviewedHouska Automotive

    Charged me over $900 for a simple job of replacing and alternator BUT ... read more Charged me over $900 for a simple job of replacing and alternator BUT did not replace the serpentine belt (clearly with the number of miles my truck has on it the belt was old) so I was stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and paid a whole lot of money to get my car repaired all because of a $20 belt and a lack of focus on quality work.

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