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Truck Reviews in the Branford Area

  • Mannix is out of business and U-Haul occupies the space.

  • D'Addario's Service Center is just awful. They made a misdiagnosis on... read more D'Addario's Service Center is just awful. They made a misdiagnosis on my car. Even though I read to them from the manual that it clearly states that it could be a battery problem, they told me that they checked the battery, there was nothing wrong with it. So, I authorized the Shift (733 dollars)to be replaced. Then, when I went to pick up my car, the battery would work. They told me it was because it took me two days to pick the car up and it was cold outside and it had 67 K miles on it. True, but all highway. When you drive the way I do, the Altinator charges the battery constantly. They called me the next day and told me that my car would not keep a charge and needs to be replaced, would I authorize the charge? I hung up, called Nissan Direct. Nissan stood behind the dealer, claiming, well, it could happen, it is possible. I was furious, I called the dealer and told them to fix the battery, since the car was not drivable. They then told me that the battery was now miraculously able to hold a charge and if I drove how I said I drove, it may last me awhile. Can you imagine? They wanted 900 dollars for what was probably just a battery. I was spoken to in such a derogative way, I will never be able to buy another car from there. I wouldn't suggest you do either. Even if you plan to get it serviced elsewhere, you need to go to them for recalls. This is how my nightmare started. I have bought 4 Nissans. I need to buy another car this August. I need to find another dealer and manufacturer. What a shame. Everyone makes mistakes, but people who dont know how to own up to them and deal with customers, should not be in the service department. I am speaking of Ed, the manager, in particular.

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