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Auto Reviews in the Hutchinson Island Area

  • There are a lot of good wrenches in the world, but there are few who a... read more There are a lot of good wrenches in the world, but there are few who are also able to run an elite business. Angie runs one of the best businesses I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She does what she says she is going to do. The cars are well taken care of. She communicates well using text message, email, and follow up calls. I always felt like I knew what was going on, and that she cared about my business, and my car. I trust her with my Porsche now, and plan to trust her wth many more in the future. Thank you for doing this well, Angie! Cheers! Jay W.

  • Had my BMW towed here with a broken gasket cover. They have a very fas... read more Had my BMW towed here with a broken gasket cover. They have a very fast towing service and 24 hour drop off/pick up. Angela was great, very accommodating and helpful, informed me of every step of the repair via text messages, since I was at work. She took her time to explain the whole process in detail. They worked within my budget and repaired everything that needed repair. Angela also recommended me a heavily discounted rental place for the duration of the repair. Couldn't be more happy with the service and results. Would recommend to everybody. I will be back for all future repairs. Mladen Djisalov

  • I had just completed a 10 hour drive to Vero Beach. Along the way the... read more I had just completed a 10 hour drive to Vero Beach. Along the way there were a couple of times when the traffic on the interstate came to an abrupt stop. I had to brake very hard to avoid hitting the car in front of me. By the time I got to Vero, my brake pedal seemed to go very close to the floor and it felt like it was taking longer to stop the car. I am not normally a worry wart. Mechanical things don't usually scare me. But... when it feels like the brakes aren't working as well as they should, I do get a little concerned. So, I looked for a place that I could have my brakes checked out. In recent years I have tried to give my business to small, local businesses instead of the big national chains. I found Mark's. I called and spoke to Josh. I could tell that he was very busy. he could schedule an appointment the next day, but I was driving back to North Carolina the next day and really needed someone to just check the brakes. As I was about to say thanks and try to find someone else to help, he reluctantly said he could look at the car if I could get there in 30 minutes. I felt really bad about this because he clearly was busy. He probably had cars that he had committed to completing that day. And he was taking the time to try to help me. That was excellent customer service. Well, for me it was good! If I slowed down someone else's car, not so good for them. I immediately took the car to Mark's. Josh was awesome. Very nice. Very polite. He did a spot check of all the wheels to look at the brakes. He checked the brake fluid and (master cylinder???) Then he took the car for a drive. When he came back he said that the brakes seemed fine. He tried hard stops, soft stops and everything in between. He said that personally, he would have no worries about driving the car with the brakes. That gave me a tremendous amount of peace of mind. As I drove away and began "testing" my brakes I realized that maybe I had overreacted to the condition of my brakes. Maybe after driving for 10 hours with relatively few instances where I had to stop, once I got off the interstate maybe I was simply underestimating how long it would take me to stop. I don't know. But, my brakes do seem fine now. I am a big believer in customer service. I will pay more to take my business to someone that appreciates me as a customer and treats me fairly. (Note: Josh did not charge me for examining the brakes and the test drive so, I don't actually know what the pricing schedule is at Mark's.) In the future, I will take my car to Mark's.

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