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  • JoeyreviewedPep Boys

    PLEASE READ: I'm not one to normally write bad reviews as I usually ju... read more PLEASE READ: I'm not one to normally write bad reviews as I usually just write this type of thing off as a learning experience and move on. But having now had a couple days to think, I just can't ignore the way this business treated me. After getting several recommendations I decided to bring my wife's vehicle here to address an overheating issue. The staff were all very friendly and I dropped the vehicle off feeling hopeful that I would have a better experience here than I'd had at other businesses. I received a call from these guys about 3 hours later where they explained what was causing the issue and how they would repair it. This was further reassuring to me as I knew what the problem was before taking them the vehicle and had even researched what it was likely going to cost to repair. The gentleman I spoke with was very friendly and said he'd even be able to offer me some coupons or discounts off whatever the cost would be. I thought "great, these guys know how to treat customers." We hung up the phone without him actually going over what the cost would be but I figured whatever it was would be reasonable given how minor the repair was. A couple hours later I received another call stating the vehicle was ready and good to go. After a little more friendly banter I told him I'd be down later to pick up the vehicle and before hanging up I asked him what the final bill was. He quoted me for 1.3 hrs. of labor plus parts and again mentioned that the final bill would of course be less with any added discounts he could get me. Mind you, I had already researched the cost of the part he replaced so when he told me the total cost I thought he was surely joking. All the van needed was a heater hose assembly which is available online for as low as $25. As this part is easily removed and replaced, I was a little taken aback by the 1.3 hours he says it took but was floored when he quoted me $589! He responded to my disbelief by again saying he'd be able to lower that with some coupons or other discounts and I hung up wondering what the heck the deal was. When I later went to pick up the vehicle, I took a peek at the initial bill and it wasn't $589, it was $627! They must have known I was about to lose it so they pretended to act as if they didn't know why it was so high and disappeared into the garage to presumably speak with the mechanic. They returned and started typing something on the computer and eventually asked me to come around and look at their screen. They showed me an invoice which was supposed to show their cost for the hose assembly which was $105. They discounted some of the other items and reduced the bill down to a final charge of $398.78. I usually avoid dealerships due to their high labor rates ($130+/hr) and endless maintenance recommendations but I'm quite sure even they wouldn't have charged such a ridiculous amount. I guess I should be happy that instead of paying the $262.57 they originally wanted to charge me for a $25 hose assembly I ended up only paying $145 (after markup)! By avoiding the $130+/hr. labor at the dealership I was fortunate enough to have paid $185.90 at only $143/hr., though once you include the labor they added in for draining whatever was left in the radiator I actually paid them $217.49 for 1.3 hrs. labor. To be fair, they did give me a $6.48 discount on the $14.99 gallon of antifreeze they advertise for $12.74 on their website. Even ignoring the $26 in taxes I still ended up paying about twice as much as I should have by the time I left there. It was in looking over my receipt again that the egregiousness of what transpired hit me. The strategy of overcharging me a ridiculous amount only to get me to accept them still grossly overcharging me worked flawlessly. My brother's a mechanic up north in Michigan and even he was shocked that a corporately owned establishment could be so brazen and figures these guys must work on some type of commission. If you value your money, do yourself a favor and don't lose any to these guys, they'll steal as much from you as you'll let them.

  • I called the shop and explained I have a 3rd party warranty and an AC ... read more I called the shop and explained I have a 3rd party warranty and an AC issue. Their inclination on the phone is "no problem bring it in and we will take a look at it". I brought my car in for diagnostics only. I was not informed there would be a charge for this service. They called me to inform me that my issue was not covered under the warranty and would cost me nearly $2000.00. I advised I would be unable to pay that at this time. They took it upon themselves to complete other things and charge me nearly $200.00 for services I did not authorize during "diagnostics". I wouldn't get my car fixed here ever. Shady crooks.

  • As always Tuffy Tire & Auto Service provides excellent service

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