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Auto Reviews in the Sarasota Area

  • UnstablereviewedBlue Dolphin Car Wash

    We had horrible experance hereI went to blue dolphin to get a basic ca... read more We had horrible experance hereI went to blue dolphin to get a basic car wash after talking to the lady out front I went for the (WORKS) which I was told included the car wash, undercarrage, foam wax, wipe dry, windows inside and out, wipe down, door jam, clean cup holders, wipe dash, armoral intiror, vacuum carpets and seats, wheels cleaned, and tire dressing all for $30. I was very happy until I saw the end results. The windows were streaked, hardly even vacuumed, the dash hard 5 or 6 spots missed with the armoral, cup holder barly wipeed out much less cleaned and spots on the outside as well as spot missed when dressing the tires. I spoke to the cashier who told me to go back outside and she would call someone up to help. I waited about 5 minutes and went back in to ask for the manager I was told there was not one there at that time, I then ask to speak to the owner and was told he would not speak with me. at that point I got pissed off went outside and started talking to the staff one of them said I'll get the owner. when the oner came he said his name was Joe and he was the manager he did do the dash and rims but said I had got enough out of them and simply walked away. I was told a least 4 lies by multible people and went home shall I say less than satisfied.

  • GaryreviewedSarasota Mechanic

    car problem consultation for repair. Ashly was very professional, kno... read more car problem consultation for repair. Ashly was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. He conveyed his background experience. He offered good solutions. I really appreciated his professional guidance. Thank you Ashly with much appreciation. gary s sarasota, fl

  • This is a response to Don Coy’s review who does not even live in or tr... read more This is a response to Don Coy’s review who does not even live in or travel to Florida. We are sorry your company delivery van was in a rear end accident and required repairs. Before starting, we communicated with your company on multiple occasions, provided a written estimate and received written authorization to commence repairs with the understanding that payment in full would be due upon completion. No one from your company was advised that your vehicle could be repaired in 3 days, it was just not possible due to the extent of the damage incurred. This was a rear end collision that required multiple replacement parts, repairs and paint refinish. It took longer than 3 days to receive the parts needed to begin the repair process. That is simply made up information from whomever told you that in your office. When your vehicle was completed, you are correct that your driver was notified and came to our shop on a Friday afternoon. You stated that shoddy workmanship was made but you nor anyone from your company had even seen or inspected the vehicle prior to your untrue written statement on the internet. This is just a slanderous vindictive lie on your part. We could not release your vehicle to your driver because he did not have a check with him and your office could not reach you for authorization to use the company credit card. That’s it, plain and simple. He sat at our office playing phone tag with your office trying to figure out how payment was going to be made. Finally, he gave up waiting for a response from your office and left advising us that it would be resolved Monday. We were then notified that an insurance company was going to pay for the repairs but that payment was not yet processed. We took photos as requested and forwarded them to your insurance company. All we did was repair your vehicle as requested and expect payment when it was picked up. The first time our office heard from you was on the following Wednesday. At that time you sp

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