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Auto Reviews in the Spring Hill Area

  • Do not use this body shop for your repairs. They lie and cheat. Citrus... read more Do not use this body shop for your repairs. They lie and cheat. Citrus Collision was paid for multiple new parts by my insurance company, they instead chose to purchase a recycled part. It looked horrible and was covered in deep scratches on the back window. (See picture) When asked about it, a man by the name of Don said it was new. He then handed the phone to the owner, Gene. I overheard Don in the background saying “she knows the lift gate isn’t new and already called the insurance company” Gene then got on the phone and admitted he bought a recycled part, saying it was the only way he could make money! Outright admitted insurance fraud and acted like it was acceptable. This is why I said they cheat. If they had wanted to substitute a recycled part, they were required to notify our insurance company as well as me, the customer for approval. Gene then proceeded to tell me the insurance company allows him to do this and gives him alternate vendors. This is why I said they lie. The estimate from the insurance company specified the lift gate was to be new and was not an option for an alternate supplier. Our car was returned absolutely filthy inside. It was covered in dust from being in a body shop that resembled a junk yard for three weeks. They had told me they would clean the carpet area and seat where an entire soda had been spilled in the accident, they never did. This was another lie. In addition to the poor quality of workmanship, they are probably the rudest, most condescending group of men I have ever encountered. They did not want me to call and ask for an update and got nasty when I did. They told me the car would be done on 8/7, I called to confirm the day prior and was told it would not be completed the day they had told me. Don said he had no idea who called and told me that. It was another week before it was done. They had our car for 22 days from the date insurance approved it and they still could not do a basic decent job. If you choose to use Citrus Collision be prepared to be treated badly, lied to and ripped off with parts that are not what an insurance company specified. Overall this was probably the worst customer service I have experienced in 30 years.

  • Dropped off a 67 vw Beetle with minor damage and a repaint. Waited OV... read more Dropped off a 67 vw Beetle with minor damage and a repaint. Waited OVER 2 weeks for my car, when I went to pick up, they had not straightened a damage fender, bondo'd over the buckled steel, and painted over it. Also, painted over 2 small dents that were to be repaired. Sloppy, bad work. Here comes the best part, the second time I come in to get car, looks acceptable, so I sign and pay. I get in the car, someone literally broke the shifter knob and extension bar off the car! I was so aggravated, I thought I could repair it and just left. The shifter and linkage are so damaged (apparently someone didn't know vw bugs have a unique shift pattern, and would rather force it than ask) that I now have to replace the shifter linkage, shifter arm, extension and knob. These guys are all about fast, take your money, and get you out of their way. No concern for your vehicle, work quality or service.

  • Would truly not recommend to go there. Had a PT Cruiser there after ac... read more Would truly not recommend to go there. Had a PT Cruiser there after accident. My personal opinion ...sloppy shoddy work. Had the insurance appraiser come again after repair and look at it. He agreed, not good craftsman ship. Driver door hanging to low, clear coat with dimples, ill fitted back / break light can see the ground through a gap approx 3 mm wide....terrible work, won't even bother to go back a 3rd time...especially since the owner used every possible excuse on earth to blame everybody else for ill fitting... don't waste your time or money....terrible...

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