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Auto Reviews in the Doraville Area

  • Went in for an alignment on my Mercedes AMG. Service tech disappears w... read more Went in for an alignment on my Mercedes AMG. Service tech disappears with my car for 20-30 mins. I ask where is my car? Manager Jason Liechty says he’s doing a high speed test drive. A what? I instantly had a bad feeling because everyone doesn’t know how to drive this car fast without fucking shit up . Aside from that, why are you driving my car fast for a an alignment and disappearing for 20 mins? The guy comes back and puts my car on the lift and a few mins later the manager is showing me a waterfall of coolant coming from my radiator. Unbeknown to him the car was serviced by a Mercedes dealership just last week no oil leaks no coolant leaks no nothing. Manager denies any wrongdoing or responsibility despite HIS guy being the last to drive the car. For all I know he could’ve taken the car around the corner and smashed my radiator in an attempt to get me to buy parts from them because he was on the phone trying to price a new radiator before I even told him to. No way that radiator should fail if driven normally. Somehow they overheated the car and busted my radiator.Then the douche tells me the car has enough coolant in it to drive.Shop should’ve taken responsibility but now is going to have to explain it to a judge. This con artist of a Manager at this location should be replaced and the regional manager isn't any better. Mind you this is the same location that was accused of stealing a woman's handgun from her car.

  • brought my 92 e30 in it on oct 2018 and they did absolutely no work..... read more brought my 92 e30 in it on oct 2018 and they did absolutely no work..quoted me 5000 with 1200 deposit in jan 2019. The quote had things that have already been replaced like ac compressor and and a headgasket that has no miles on it because i changed it my self before i brought it in .. I trimmed the quote down to 1400 and the deposit was 500 i thought that is pretty high...but i paid it..against my better judgement because i could feel the racist mentality when i came into the shop to talk about the repairs to my car in nov 2018 .i believe since they couldn't prey on an uninformed black car owner they chose to let my car sit for 2 months and when i called for an update on feb 13, 2019, they informed me that its best to come get my car and that they haven't done any work

  • CLIFTONreviewedBen Hill Automotive

    did as promised at price as promised on time as promised

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