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Auto Reviews in the Douglasville Area

  • ChristianreviewedAdvantage Auto Service

    PLEASE READ IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING USING THIS BUSINESS! I currently ... read more PLEASE READ IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING USING THIS BUSINESS! I currently have a BBB and Napa suit filed against this service center. I have a 2002 Mercedes ML320. I’ve had this car for years. It’s my baby and I recently had had some intermittent air conditioning issues. I work in Marietta, so I was looking for a service center nearby. After going to Jennifer (manager) I was told they would take care of the car no problem. After having the car for a week, I was told it needed a new fan clutch, so I ordered one from FCP Euro (European parts supplier). I gave it to them to install and got a call a few days later. During this call, I was told it needed a new fuse box. So I ordered that as well. I delivered it and they said they would have it buttoned up in a few days. Two weeks goes by and I have called twice and heard nothing in return. I then show up and am told the car has electrical issues and was botched. I was also told that only mercedes could repair the car. After the washed their hands with my car, I paid them 650 for nothing and picked the car up. I go to pull out of the driveway and every light comes on in the dash and the car shuts off. I get it to my office where I have a friend inspect it to find the fuse box isn’t screwed in and wiring harnesses are hanging everywhere. I call and speak to Jennifer and she asked for me to drop it back off. I dropped it off and they tried to pin my new fuse box as the issue. So I had them install my old one back and told them to diagnose the issue with the ac since it still wasn’t fixed. At this point I have filed a complaint with NAPA (corporate affiliate). I was told to leave my car with them till it gets resolved. At this point they have had the car for other a month. I was told they were ordering the parts and would get it taken care of. Now it needed a new compressor and harness. I wait a week for the pricing on that and get nothing. So I called earlier today and was told the part couldn’t be ordered. I told them I was coming yo get the car. After getting the car home, I got up under it to find the compressor was unplugged and the wiring harness was frayed but fixable. I got some electrical tape and plugged it back in and all was well! So after 650, 2 months, and lots of of frustration, I’m beyond upset. I’ll continue to fight the battle on my end, I want to warn you. I picked this service based off its great reviews. But these reviews are not what I experienced. Please stay clear of this service center because not only are they going to rip you off, but they are going to tear up your car too!

  • Gary TannerreviewedAdvantage Auto Service

    I've been consistently satisfied with the cost and work that Advantage... read more I've been consistently satisfied with the cost and work that Advantage Auto Service has provided over the past couple of years and the latest service on one of my client's vehicles, followed suite. I own and operate an indoor car storage facility in the Smyrna area and often have to advise my client's on where to have there vehicles serviced. Either they take their vehicle directly or I make arrangements to have the vehicles serviced. I have not been let down yet. I highly recommend Advantage Auto Service.

  • I purchased a used RV knowing that it required some repairs to be made... read more I purchased a used RV knowing that it required some repairs to be made. Advantage Auto was recommended by a couple of RV dealerships. They provided a fair estimate on the work and several items needed to completed. After picking it up, a couple of items needed further attention and they completed the follow up. The work was professional and through. The follow up work was done at the cost of Advantage Auto. They kept me updated on all the work that needed to be done and based on the amount of work, returned it in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend them for RV repairs. The customer service and feedback are great. John M. Marietta, Georgia

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