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Truck Reviews in the Forest Park Area

  • Absolutely horrible company! They do shotty work and will leave your... read more Absolutely horrible company! They do shotty work and will leave your car in worse condition than it was when you brought it there. My two year old could have painted my car better than the people there, and the repairs they made were a joke! Kevin is only looking to take your money and give you the lowest quality of work possible. Once they have your money, they are done with you and will not speak to you about and flaws in their repairs. On top of the bad repairs and paint job, they had my car for 3 weeks!

  • JanareviewedJim Tidwell Ford

    I am extremely disappointed with the service that I received. My servi... read more I am extremely disappointed with the service that I received. My service advisor was Rick Moore. He was pleasant enough, but either he was putting up a front or just was not intelligent. I own a Ford Focus, so when I had problems I decided to go to Ford. I didn't buy my car there, the dealership where I bought my car is much too far away because I moved. I did not receive what I was hoping for. My husband advised me not to go there, but I thought Ford would be willing to take care of their own. I suspected that I was having an alternator problem because of what was going on w my car and I said as much so I asked them to check it. I drove the car to the dealership with no issues at all. I had no lights on to indicate any problems and my car was acting normal. I gave it over to the service center and got it back in WORSE condition. Rick Moore told me that I needed to have my alternator replaced and that my battery was "melted" so that I would need to buy a new battery too. I told him that I wanted to consult with my dad first. I spoke with my dad and brother about it and they said that they could do all the work themselves, so I kindly told Rick that I would be taking it to them to work on. Its the holidays and times are tough. Money is tight, so I decided to go the cheaper route. When my car was "ready" Rick told me that he didn't think it would make it out of the lot. I got in the car and the whole thing was shaking. I put it in drive and the car just shut itself off and I couldn't get it to turn back on. I was really confused because I drove there just fine and it obviously worked good enough for them to move it in and out of their shop, but as soon as I get it back it just doesn't work at all. Not to mention they left my window rolled down. My whole car is electrically powered and its raining in the area for the next 3 days!!! I was lucky to get the battery to work long enough to get my window back up!!! So I called a tow truck to come get my car because including

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