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Auto Reviews in the Boise Area

  • Ricardo NreviewedRed Line Transmission

    I just wanted to thank the guys at Red Line Transmission. After sever... read more I just wanted to thank the guys at Red Line Transmission. After several repair shops gave me ridiculously high prices to have my dodge transmission rebuilt. A friend recommended me to red line in Boise. Not only did they rebuild my transmission they upgraded it. They doubled my warranty and the cost was still bellow other shops. my truck has not run this good since i bought it. From now on if i need any work done on my truck red line is the place to go for me. Thank you Alex and Anthony keep up the good work.

  • Pete is incredibly talented when it comes to repairing instrument clus... read more Pete is incredibly talented when it comes to repairing instrument clusters! He is very fair priced and professional. We always call Pete when we need cluster repairs performed. Sunset motors inc. Boise Idaho

  • Mike at ATS (Automotive Technical Services) did some repairs to both a... read more Mike at ATS (Automotive Technical Services) did some repairs to both a Honda and Dodge and both ended up good. As a result I took my Dodge Ram 2500 diesel to him in 11/14. After approx 7 days he completed the replacement of a Power Steering Pump. Not once did I get an update, just a text that said it was done. I have texted him asking after about 5 days and he said it was still leaking, so would try to seat the shaft again. Then after 7 days he said it was completed and invoice was $405.63. He did charge me over $200 for a reblt pump and thru OReilly's the same pump would cost me $65.00, so his markup seemed a bit high? When I got there I paid and started to back out and power steering still didnt work! I pulled back in there and Mike came out and seemed baffled. He said he did drive it and it worked. I told him it was intermittant, so its possible it worked ok.He said it must need a steering gear box then? I said it wont take a week again will it? He replied no he would get on it tomorrow. Well after another 7 days I continued to text/call Mike and he said there seemed to be air in the system...the brakes are not working correct. I came down there and first complained their communication was horrible....I never hear from his office. He said he had a new guy in front and it was his job to call.I backed up the truck and the brakes were not correct. I said they were fine when it came down there? He said he would bleed the system of air again. Then on Friday he called and said the air seems better. I aske how long he would be there and that I would come down and drive over the weekend and we would touch basis on Monday. He said he was leaving in 1 hr.. I got to his office in 45 min and it was locked up! I was angry and at this point just wanted my truck back, since it had been 18 days that day he had my truck and if it isnt repaired now, he wasnt going to get it done. On MOnday, the 21st day he called me and I immediately came down to get my truck. The invoice was $300 and when I drove off the brakes didnt respond for about a 3 second count, then locked up! Also the steering was sloppy, which wasnt so when I took to Mike. I stopped payment on the check I wrote and went to anothe rlocal mechanic and made an appointment for about 1 week out and parked the truck. About 4 days later I started the truck and it died after about 10 seconds. Local temps were below freezing and I knew the fuel was old, so I plugged the truck in to heat up the block, thus if the fuel was Gelled up, it would start. I did also notice then the seat had oil all over that I did not notice when I picked up the truck. Clearly someone had oil on their back and when they moved the truck transferred the oil to my seat. I sent the pic to Mike and his response was, "it has been a week and they used plastic on the seat"...he also said to not contact him again and if I needed to do so, contact his attorney. I recently sold the truck 3/22/15 and the new owner requested a mechanic look over the truck prior to the purchase. This mechanic said the gear box should be a warrenty item and the steering pump also was still leaking and the muffler needed to be replaced. Other than thos items, truck was in good condition. The new owner called Automotive Technical Services and spoke with Mike. Told him the truck has had 500 miles since the repairs 4 months ago and the the steering ws still sloppy. Mike first didnt want to honor the warranty....12 months or 12000miles, since ownership had changed. The new owner said there wasnt anything on the receipt that excluded the warrenty, so Mike said to come down on Tuesday 3/31/15 and that he and I didnt get along. Once he got to his 10am appointment, he put truck in bay and w/in 5 min, he came back to new owner and said it needed all kinds of new parts to a tune of $1250 and that I, the previous owner was shady and I just buy/sell vehicles and had also replaced the turbo from ebay, exhaust manifold, and that Mike did a lot of my repairs on these vehicles I would flip, but that I was too shady, thus he no longer would deal with me. He also indicated the truck I sold wasnt up to par, and that I just bandaided many items and was one to not be trusted! I never replaced the turbo, but I did put a better than stock stainless exhaust manifold in and thats it. In addition, I went to Oregon to purchase the truck becasue I couldnt find a decent one local and I paid $15,900 for the truck, and sold it for $12,900, so clearly not flipping a truck for profit. The new owner said "Mike had really slammed my character by saying I was so dishonest and wasnt to be trusted". I do not know why except that he didnt want to do a warranty clain on the parts he had done for me? I asked the new truck buyer to stay put and I would come down to put Mike on the spot with both us there to see what he has to say about his dishonest representation of myself and how he will defend his taking 21 days to repair my truck and to not have it done correct. I had a piece of paper with another shop looking at my truck and finding nothing of a sort to repair like Mikes recent claims. As I told Mike and many others, ATS had done a terrific job with my other two cars, or I would not have driven almost 20 miles, but he did not know diesel repairs and in doing some, his "true colors" have come out. His shop is very dishonest and has made some really fabricated claims about myself and my truck. I know would never reccommend his shop or his character. There is absolutely no question .....he is very dishonest and I would never recomment him for any repairs other than maybe rotating tires or changing oil/filter. Do not agree with any upsale.....or a high mileage oil/filter or air filter etc. You may end up getting taken advantage of, wait 21 days for a 2 day repair, or told fabricated tales to avoid a warranty claim after just 500miles!

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