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Dealership Reviews in the Crystal Lake Area

  • Put a $2,000 deposit on a car from American Muscle car with Tom...we'r... read more Put a $2,000 deposit on a car from American Muscle car with Tom...we're from out of town and upon arriving to look at the car, it was NOT what we expected. Paint over rust, bondo ect...frank, the other 1/2 owner told us he would refund the deposit by that monday feb 4 2013.It has been almost 2 week and NO ONE will return ANY of our many attenpts to reach them regarding this matter.I am in amazment that they are putting their business on the line like this, but I am doing everything to make sure this NEVER happens again!! BEWARE TO ALL, these people are shady and con people.

  • mikereviewedHonda Northwest

    AVOID AVOID AVOID Honda Northwest! I bought a bike from them 3 weeks l... read more AVOID AVOID AVOID Honda Northwest! I bought a bike from them 3 weeks later the stator went on it. I took it back thinking they would help me considering I didn't even make my first payment and had a major breakdown on my first road trip. Instead the GM JASON LIED AND STARTED SWEARING AT ME because he told me the reason it went is when I put a new battery in it was the right battery 14BS but had the wrong ports and the bike didn't get a "proper connection" and that burned out my stator. When I put the new battery in it started right up and I was two hours on my way home stopped for gas and it wouldn't start again. It died three times on my way home having to jump it off my cousins bike. and I talked to a number of certified mechanics even other Honda dealers and they ALL tell me he lied and is just trying to put blame on me so he doesn't have to pay for it. Two ways to hook up a battery the wrong way and the right way if it wasn't hooked up right my bike would of never started. They are cheats and only want your money as soon as you sign the paper and walk out the door you are as good as garbage to them. I wish I would of never bought from them and will tell every soul I know to run fast and far away from those scam artist cause even their corporate office won't help you cause they are independently owned so you are on your own. I should of known better when their parts guys are the ones on the floor selling bikes as well. Very low class and unprofessional. CHRIS WAS THE SALESMAN/PARTS employee who sold me the broken junk and told me there was 0 wrong with it. I see Chris is usually the 5 star review on any site so don't believe the good review from a employee take my advice a guy who actually got scammed by them and is not on their payroll!

  • The Service and Sales team at Gary Lang is the "Best of the Best". JR,... read more The Service and Sales team at Gary Lang is the "Best of the Best". JR, Chris, Adam, Mike, Jeff, Nancy, Joe, Tony, Dixie and the girls in casher area that I deal with. Always friendly and respectful of all. I consider them my extended family. I spend more time at Gary Lang then most, reason? because of the treatment I receive while I am there. No pressure, no stress, no attitudes, just people who are professionals at what they do and are the best at what they do. Gary has the easiest ownership job in the world with this staff, honestly. Gary--please do not change a thing. Sign them all to long term contracts. I have bought 10 cars from G.L. in the past 5 years and will never buy or service a car from anyone outside the G.L. family, period!!

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