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Motorcycle Reviews in the Lombard Area

  • Based on a referral, I dropped off my motorcycle at Hertitage HD on Oc... read more Based on a referral, I dropped off my motorcycle at Hertitage HD on Oct 29 for repairs for rear end damage from a recent accident. Their service writer named Chris G. assisted me to review the damage to the rear fender, turn signals brake light and saddle bag and crash bars. I provided Chris the accident report number and the insurance information from the other driver so they could provide the repair estimate to the insurance adjusters. Chris indicated they will have the repair estimate to insurance the next week. I contacted Heritage on Nov 18 to inquire about the repair estimate since the insurer hadn't received it yet. One of the other service writers indicated that they already forwarded the estimate to the insurance adjusters but called back an hour later to state that they called me to approve the estimate and it wasn't forwarded to insurance. It still took several weeks for Heritage to submit the supporting pictures to the insurance adjusters and the repairs were approved in December. I paid the parts charges/deposit to start this repair service and asked the staff about any issues or concerns with the pending repair service and they indicated there are none. I started calling Heritage HD in early April for updates on the service and was informed they are experiencing problems painting the motorcycle but provided no expectation for expected completion. I called on May 16 and spoke with the service department and was informed the repairs and painting are completed and the bike is ready for pick up. I stopped at the dealership last night to pick up the bike and service writer brought out from the shop area and parked it outside. I walked out to inspect their work and notice the turn signal was still broken and there was still damage to the rear fender, saddle bag, crash bar and other items. I pulled off the saddle bag and found the rear fender was STILL PUSHED INTO THE REAR WHEEL AND WAS NEVER WORKED ON BY THE HERITAGE TECHNICIANS. My motorcycle has been at Heritage HD for 6-1/2 months for these repairs and their staff brought the bike to me with broken parts on it! Their staff couldn't be bothered to walk around the bike to inspect it for thirty seconds to make sure it is was safe drive nor verify that they completed the service work! 6-1/2 months. They didn't fix one thing on my motorcycle and were ready to let me drive out of their dealership with the same broken parts on it!

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