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Dealership Reviews in the Schaumburg Area

  • Put a $2,000 deposit on a car from American Muscle car with Tom...we'r... read more Put a $2,000 deposit on a car from American Muscle car with Tom...we're from out of town and upon arriving to look at the car, it was NOT what we expected. Paint over rust, bondo ect...frank, the other 1/2 owner told us he would refund the deposit by that monday feb 4 2013.It has been almost 2 week and NO ONE will return ANY of our many attenpts to reach them regarding this matter.I am in amazment that they are putting their business on the line like this, but I am doing everything to make sure this NEVER happens again!! BEWARE TO ALL, these people are shady and con people.

  • I bought a used MDX Acura w/50000 miles on it. It was supposed to be c... read more I bought a used MDX Acura w/50000 miles on it. It was supposed to be certified preowned. I drove it back to Missouri and realized that it had lots of problems. The carfax showed that it had a "minor accident". Ted Saras and Perry(used car mgr) stated only $295 worth of damage. After I got home I took it to Acura in my town. The car is not acceptable to be certified by Acura. The hood, the bumper, the rear driver side door have all been replaced. The tires are nearly bald and are chopped (bumpy from not being rotated properly). The paint is mottled. The hood is bent and not attached properly. There are pieces of trim missing on the body. The roof is crimped. The interior of the car is falling apart. The back of the passenger seat fell off for no reason and the owner of Napleton Acura, Joe Bosco, told me "maybe someone kicked it." No one had ridden in the back seat. The wheel was bent (it looked like someone had hammered it.) I too asked them to take the car back and was also told by Joe Bosco, "we don't take cars back." When a car is certified you are supposed to get new floor mats. We did not, but the dealer checked that they gave them to us on the list. A dealer has 20 days legally to send you the title. I received a letter after 30 days or more that they needed me to sign a power of attorney so they could sign my name on the title and send it to me. They forgot to give it to me when I bought the car. It goes on and on. Too many problems to mention them all. I called Acura the corporation and they stated that they can't make a dealer do anything about it not being acceptable to be certified. Acura has a 150 point checklist that they are supposed to do to certify an Acura. This dealership did not do it and Acura says they can't do anything about it. Why should you even pay extra for an Acura certified vehicle when you have no guarantee of anything? Evidently Acura certification means nothing. Because of this problem I will never purchase anoth

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