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  • Miako'reviewedAll Seasons Carwash

    This is in reference to an issue that I had with All Season Car Wash; ... read more This is in reference to an issue that I had with All Season Car Wash; they are located at 1510 East Truman Road in Kansas City, Missouri 64106. I have been patronizing this business on a weekly base for approximately four years. I never had any problems or complaints until Friday, April 1, 2011 at approximately 2:45pm or 3pm, I went to the carwash to have my car cleaned as usual. While going through the automated wash one of the machines broke off the left side view mirror. I began blowing my horn to let them know that something was wrong. One of the workers (LC the manger) walk by the window and shouted “We can’t stop it right now!” Once I got out of that part of the wash; I had to pull around to where they vacuum, clean the interior and do the windows. I asked “What about my mirror?” One of the workers stated we aren’t responsible it show it was pre damaged. I asked to speak to the manager. When the manger (LC) came he just turned around and walked away. Shortly after owner, Gene Krahenbuh came; he hesitated then stated that he wanted to review the camera. Once he found what he was looking for he ask me to come in the booth. He show me where his manager (LC) one of the attendant made some type of movement with his hand indicating that my mirror was pre damaged. Honesty I couldn’t tell what they were doing it was so dark. I drive a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM GT that I kept in excellent condition. The only damage to my mirror was discoloration due to the weather and a few scratches that were on the driver’s front quarter panel edge close to the door. This was like that when I first got the car; it was a used car when I brought it. I was trying to talk civil about the situation but the owner (Gene Krahenbuh) continuously kept telling me “my car is old; look at all these scratches plus look at the rust that is on this screw. This led him to believe my mirror was pre damaged and he’s not going to take responsibility.” I was so angry by this point; instead of l

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