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Auto Reviews in the Edwardsville Area

  • You need to stay away from this mechanic because he doesn't t know how... read more You need to stay away from this mechanic because he doesn't t know how to fix cars. He told me that i need to fix my thermostat and there is a leaking problem in my car as well. He told me that he even could t find the thing that was leaking. He was fixing my car last Saturday, and just wasted my time and money. He started at 11 am and finished at 9 pm. He told me that he started to fix smth else instead of the thermostat because first he couldn't t find that thermostat. Eventually when he found that thermostat, he wasn't able even to fix it. I came home from my job on Friday, and there was a steam coming from my car, so on Saturday i called this idiot, who doesn't know his job at all. I was home on Sunday and didn't t drive my car. On Monday i barely could reach my job. There was a steam coming from my car again and that thermostat sign was on my dashboard again. I went to a car service, and they fixed everything for me. Thanks to that service i drive my car safely now. They told me that whoever was fixing my thermostat didn't t tighten up everything and it could blow up my engine and got me in big trouble. I paid $200 for nothing. He told me that he fixed my thermostat and i couldn't t drive my car even for one day. He didn't t fix my thermostat. So if you want to waste your time and money, and if your want to damage your car, you need to call this guy.

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