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  • I have had nothing but problems with this dealership and there service... read more I have had nothing but problems with this dealership and there service department. I am now on my third engine and third transmission. Every time they put in a motor something else goes wrong. But they put another motor in my truck last week and when i got it back the service engine soon light came on. So i figure it is something they done when putting the motor back. I take it in the next day and they say it is the spark plugs and wires causing the problem and charged me 100 bucks for the telling me that. So i brought my Equinox home and was going to change the plugs and wires because they wanted to charge me over 500.00 to do it for me. Well i get it home and start having more problems all the electronics are having problems now and the steering wheel won't turn and the Equinox won't start now. So i guess it wasn't the plugs and wires after all. So i take it back and now they tell me it is the battery then i get a call that they found a bad 80.00 fuse. So they refund my money for telling me the plugs and wires were the problem but now charge me 380.00 for the fuse and new battery. So i bring it home and now the codes are still lighting up. But keep in mind none of this happened until they replace the motor in my Equinox. I would say buy your car somewhere else!!

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