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  • Cindy reviewedFusionworks Racing

    Beware of this shop - the owner Ray is very nice and seems to be able ... read more Beware of this shop - the owner Ray is very nice and seems to be able to answer all questions and gives you a "trust me" attitude. However, they don't stick by the repair work they perform. It is all about the money$$$ and how much he can get from customers. Take your car in for one repair he will founds another issue that is more costly.. Slow turn around had my car for 4 months and when I got it back - my engine blew up. Would not take responsiblity for this however only want to reimburse me for a $600 (A head) item if he as allowed to take of my car and resell but was not willing remedy the problem of the dead engine when he was the cause that he previously stated the engine which was just put into the car was 80/85% in good conditions and "if he did not" change the oil pump that the engine would probably blow up. Well he changed the oil pump and in the process of driving the car home parking it for 8 days then to take it back to his shop on the 9th day - the Engine Blew - Car is dead. Mind you the car had not been driven except to bring home and take back to the shop so it sat and leeked oil for the 8 days. When the shop was contact regarding the oil leek - instantly without assessing the complaint the owner basically replied that the leek was steering wheel fluid and oil (Admission he new the car was leeking oil so how was this fixed). The car was originally taken in for a oil leek and replacement of a head. Charged $2,100 to fix and now the car cannot be driven. You do the math. FYI... Get a 2nd opinion by someone else before you allow this man and his shop to smooth talk you into spending unecessary money to keep his shop open and before you make a decision that may ruin your car completely like he did in my situation.

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