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Auto Reviews in the Lee Area

  • Seemed like a nice enough guy when he came to look at my car. The car... read more Seemed like a nice enough guy when he came to look at my car. The car was totaled, but I didn't think it was bad so I had Michael's come take a look as they claim to be the best. They came to my house, took some pictures, scribbled down the VIN, and then left a voicemail 2 days later giving me a price range of $1K - $4K less than what the insurance company was going to give me if I kept the car. I was pretty psyched as I love my car, I've had it for 4 years, I'm the original owner, I've babied it, taken great mechanical care of it, and I planned on having it for 6 more years. The opportunity to keep the car for worst case about the same as I would have to pay to buy a used one with god knows what service record, was a no-brain-er. I called up the insurance company, said I would take the check for $5K less (since insurance company's don't actually insure your car for its value but for its value minus what they can get by selling the salvage if you give the wrecked car to them for free) so I could repair the car. I then called up Michael's and he told me he changed his mind and doesn't want to fix the car now. I said "well you're screwing me since I already called the insurance company based on your estimate". He then told me to call back next month. A month passed, I called back and he said call back in 2 months. With them clearly blowing me off I'm now left looking for another shop with no recourse. Hopefully they'll give me the same price range.

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