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Truck Reviews in the Middleborough Area

  • Whatever you do don't complain about the service you receive or they w... read more Whatever you do don't complain about the service you receive or they will blacklist you. I had an appointment scheduled to drop off my new Maxima for an oil change. After driving all the way to the dealership I am then informed by the service technician that they refuse to service my vehicle under warranty anymore because of a negative review I had given them on a customer survey I had received from Nissan after my last visit. They flat out handed the keys back to me and said if your not happy here then we suggest you go elsewhere. I was completely shell shocked and totally disgusted by the service technicians uncaring and callous attitude. When I asked to speak to a manager I was conveniently told he was not there. I then proceeded to let them know that I planned to contact Nissan Consumer Affairs about their unethical and discriminatory practices… and they said go right ahead. I have never heard of a business banning a customer from their establishment because they had a complaint about the service they received. It was bad enough that Sullivan Brothers never once reached out to me to apologize for the original issue I had but somehow in their infinite wisdom the best thing to do with an unhappy customer is to show them the door.

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