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Auto Reviews in the Shrewsbury Area

  • WalterreviewedEastside Motoring

    Hi, when I arranged for the Detailing of my Truck for $349, I was info... read more Hi, when I arranged for the Detailing of my Truck for $349, I was informed that the Detailing included my Interior, which was Not Done. I also asked if the Tire Shine would Sling ? I was told it would Not. I got home and the Tire Shine was all over the side of my Truck. I called and had to leave a voicemail. Which I did not get a call back. The Detailing of the Truck was otherwise Good.

  • This is your google review .. you should be ashamed !!! DO NOT G... read more This is your google review .. you should be ashamed !!! DO NOT GO HERE !!! CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!! The level of greed and deception is borderline criminal at this place. If you don’t want to get screwed take your business elsewhere. Full story: 3 years ago I bought a brand new Crosa exhaust for my Grand Cherokee SRT8 and brought it to Eastside Motoring to be installed. Upon picking up my car they told me the clamps delivered with the system did not work and they needed to use different clamps (which they charged me 50-ish dollars extra for). I questioned it since it was a brand new in-the-box system designed specifically for my car but it seemed minor enough so I paid it and went on my way. Fast forward 3 years, I step on the gas and my exhaust separates. Upon inspection I noticed the exhaust clamps have rusted, rotted and split making them useless and leaving my exhaust dangling under my car. I take my car back and explain the situation. I tell them I need the clamps replaced and at this point I am expecting them do replace them free of charge because of the faulty installation. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CRIMINAL!!! I am told no problem but we need to look at it first. I schedule an appointment and bring the car in. It takes all of 10 seconds to see the clamps are rotted and need replacing. I am there over an hour. I walk up to the counter SEAN is my salesman. I ask “hey its been over an hour are they working on my car or what’s going on?” The response I get is appalling… Yeah so we did a multipoint inspection and your right the clamps need to be replaced also we checked your breaks which are getting low and should be replaced, your break fluid is dirty and should be washed, and your cabin air filter needs to be replaced because its dirty and todays inspection will be 130 dollars!!! Excuse me!!!? I just came in for you to replace my clamps and you performed a multi point inspection without my consent turned a 10 second job into 60+ mins and then charged me 130 dollars for it!!!! No I do not want any of that done I want my clamps replaced. Sure we will get them order and replace them. An addition 330 dollars later my clamps are replaced. On inspection of my bill they even charged me for the shipping of my parts to their garage… WTF!!!!? The way I see it I was charged over 460 dollars for mistakes they made. Run from this place. They are criminals!!!!

  • MikereviewedEastside Motoring


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