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Gas Station Reviews in the Shrewsbury Area

  • PatrickreviewedGULF

    Stay away from the Gulf station at 114 E Main St, Marlborough, MA. The... read more Stay away from the Gulf station at 114 E Main St, Marlborough, MA. The owner is nasty to his employees, and customers. Aside from the times I've heard him berating his employees in the store, and previous times I've tolerated his rudeness, I'll just tell you what happened to me around 4:30 pm on 03/05/2013. Running short before payday, I went in with a handful of dimes to make a small purchase. The owner refused to accept my money, explaining that it is too much trouble for him to count all the change at closing time. He then directed me to walk to the bank across the street, where I can trade my dimes for bills. Now this is a busy street at a busy intersection, and there were piles of snow to circumvent. You should also know that I am physically disabled. My feet and legs just don't get me around so well anymore. He knows this because I have been a customer there for more than a year now; often asking a friend to make the walk for me. He is telling me that I should trek over to the bank and back, to save him from counting 75 extra dimes at the end of the day. Am I wrong to be upset? I did as he said, and walked to the bank. Now this bank (TD Bank) also refused the dimes, but that's a whole other rant. I went back to the Gulf station at 114 E Main St, and explained that they also refused my 75 dimes. With much complaining, he agreed to take the dimes, but continued to rant about how I was putting him out. With that, I had enough, and told him to forget it. I had a few words for him before I left, and I will NOT go back.

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