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  • BrandonreviewedKellys Cars


  • Beware of entrapment lies and deceit may tell you one thing and do ano... read more Beware of entrapment lies and deceit may tell you one thing and do another and refuse to try to rectify the situation after the wrongdoing of their employees mistreating your customer should not be quality of a business smh crooked business workings crooked owner

  • ErikareviewedCars Unlimited

    If I could give this place 0 stars, I would... but Yelp makes you at l... read more If I could give this place 0 stars, I would... but Yelp makes you at least give one and they don't deserve it at all. This place came highly recommended from all the reviewers here, however I have to question the authenticity of these reviews after the horrendous experience I just had here. This man named "Mohammed" (the owner) gave us so much lip service as to how he is an "honest" man and that he takes care of his clients. I had my X3 towed to his shop and I let Mohammed know that my Father was passing away 3 hours from this location (this was on a Friday, October 3rd)... that I needed a bit of urgency with my vehicle as this is the only one I have. He ASSURED me that he would get right on it and to not worry. This was early in the morning on that day. He sent us off saying to go grab lunch and relax and that he would CALL us back. Well...HOURS passed and NO call from him. So we decided to stop by on our way home to check on any progress. He talked to us and said that the Module (whatever that is) of the car not working, the EWS??? NOT working. He kept showing us what his little "diagnosis machine" was saying. He told us AGAIN that he will continue to work on my car since I needed to be on the road soon. We left trusting that he would tell us SOMETHING so we could pay for whatever needed to be ordered and get it done. This NEVER happened. We came back later that day before closing to retrieve items from my car since. By then it was obvious it wasn't going to get fixed. I got my things and he told us he needed more time to "diagnose", I had to rent a car for the weekend but ONCE AGAIN he reassured me that before the day was over, he would call us to tell us what's next. That call once again NEVER came. The weekend came and went this man never called me. Fast forward to Monday, I decided to call Mohammed at 11:43 a.m. to check the status of my vehicle and Mohammed got on the phone where he VERY rudely started going off about he needed time and that I just needed to wait and to let him look into the issue of the car further. I explained that I have been waiting for call backs for days with none. He once again told me he would call me back 5 hours later my husband called him to ask what was going on, and one of his workers told us that Mohammed was gone and not going to be back for a couple of days.Once my husband showed his displeasure. We get a call back from Cars Unlimited (the same employee who my husband just spoke to) telling us that he called Mohammed and he wanted us to come pick up the car from his shop because he decided that he was NOT going to repair it. This was at 5:00 p.m. in the day, leaving no choice to get another tow, this time to Farmington Hills BMW, where I just should've taken it in the first place but instead of doing this I trusted all these reviews. Which it makes me question these. I highly doubt people are okay with not getting any communication from who you should be able to trust fixing your mean of transportation. I will be notifying EVERYONE I come in contact about the "establishment" (and I'm using this term very loosely)... and FYI to everyone out there doing business with him. He was so unprofessional as to show me the copy of a customer of his driver's license, because he bought a car from this "desperate man" who's father had just died for 10k dollars when the vehicle was only a couple of years old and it was actually worth 30k dollars plus! So this goes to show the lack of integrity this man has that He would take advantage of someone in that grieving state! This is Deplorable behavior.

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