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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Lake Crystal Area

  • 1234reviewedJoes Camper Sales

    We bought a camper from them with a defect that they said they fixed .... read more We bought a camper from them with a defect that they said they fixed . This defect clearly was not fixed because it broke again. When we returned the camper to them to fix it. They all of the sudden blamed us for their problem and charged us to fix some thing they should have stood behind. They are also sexist because I personally was told that since they talked to my husband about the damage I somehow wasn t allowed to call and ask for myself what had happened. This is 2012 not 1959 I don t need my husbands permission to call joes campers and get a report on something I OWN!! Needless to say we have a week long camping trip next week that we have no camper for because not only are they charging us for their problem. They can t fix it in a timely matter because they just sold other campers and new customers apparently come first over existing customers. Wish I could get my 7 thousand back and go somewhere else. When I found documentation proving what we were trying to tell them was correct they got upset and created this sob story about how poor them working in this heat.. They had well over a week to do this job I dont feel sorry one bit that they have to do a damn thing. STAND BEHIND YOUR WORK GUYS!! Also maybe you shouldnt lie to your customers to make a buck.. I would discourage anyone from doing busness with them. If you want to get ripped off and throw thousands of dollars down the tube by all means... My family were big joe camper supporters and after this they just lost all our business for good.

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