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Auto Reviews in the Springfield Area

  • This company is horrible!! id stay far away. we bought items from here... read more This company is horrible!! id stay far away. we bought items from here over a month ago now i wrote a review on google then they have started Verbally attacking now. it all started when they over charged us taxes we got 250$ worth of stuff then looking at the receipt we noticed they over charged tax...charged us 63.18 on a amount for 289.98.. $289.98 with the tax rate of 8.1% is not $63.18. should have been 23. 49 for tax. Fast forward to when i called about it the Manager Jeff took it upon his self to pretty much tell me i dont know what im talking about and pretty much calling me stupid. all i wanted was the money back that was owed. he kept going on and on about tax laws. well the math was simple. 8.1% of 289.98 is not 63.18.. i hung up because he kept going on i was going to call it a loss then the manager jeff called back to back for 30 minuets straight! then messaged me on facebook Acting like i didnt want a refund this company is a complete joke. anyways they sent out the refund got it a week later .. now fast forward to today over a month later they took it upon them selfs to reply to my google review. i will copy and paste what they said. " Response from the owner 8 hours ago Hello, Katherine. A manager explained that a newer staff member made a simple mistake on our brand new software. He insisted that he would rectify the small difference in sales tax and he delivered according to his word. This was resolved weeks ago yet for some reason you have chosen to maintain a very mean spirited attitude toward someone who not only resolved the issue immediately but was very kind to you when you were extremely hateful. You also made no mention of the fact that the price of the system you purchased was over$ $100 cheaper than any other authorized dealer. We gave you FREE merchandise with your purchase and no other local store offers such low pricing. We have to wonder what causes someone to be so unusually hateful and cruel to a store that saved you such a large amount of money. We have never had such a hateful encounter with a woman before. Your extreme verbal abuse full of obscenities and vulgarities were uncalled for. It was so upsetting to our administrative staff that it prompted us to contact the authorities. We learned that the police know you quite well. It all makes sense now." ..... if you made it this far in this review then you know a company Should NEVER be like this towards a customer i did not once say anything bad to them i actually Muted my phone when this manager spoke because he kept pretty much calling me stupid please do your self a favor stay away from this company!

  • PoopiereviewedCar Fi

    Dear CarFi and Mark; I would like to take a few moments and expre... read more Dear CarFi and Mark; I would like to take a few moments and express my gratitude towards Mark, the technicians that install my equipment and the friendly staff at the store. I have been wanting to upgrade my stereo and speakers since the day I purchased my car a few years ago, as they were way under power and of poor quality. I asked a friend at work and he recommended CarFi and suggested I visit when there is a sale going on. Well, I checked reviews online for all the stores in the Springfield area and found none with the ratings and recommendations as high as yours. I drive past your store every day and notice it is always busy. This was a good sign to me as if you did poor work, I would not be seeing this. I called the store one day and asked if I needed an appointment to talk with someone explaining I needed someone to teach and recommend to me some options. I was told I could come down any time and someone would be glad to help, no appointment necessary. Well after I decided to visit your store, I looked up as much things as I could on your website to help me understand and choose the right equipment before the big day. I then cross reference this with other websites and found your information lined right up with everything I was seeing. The big day was here and I stopped in. The first person I saw and talked to was Mark. Mark and the others all greeted me and asked if I needed any help. I explained to Mark that I was needing his help choosing some equipment. I also explained I had a set budget to stay in. I reiterated several times what my current stereo problem was and what I was looking for. I also reiterated how I would be relying heavily on his expertise and suggestions. I was picking up most of what he said by remembering the references I saw on line. When I had a question, Mark was patient enough to help me understand and feel confident with his answers. Needless to say, my first visit was a little overwhelming with all the selections. Mark did a great job narrowing them down without trying to over sell me the most expensive item. He also was helpful making sure I did not pick something that was incompatible or of poor quality. During this entire process, Mark allowed me to make the decision, while relying greatly on his help. Never did I believe he was trying to get one over on me or make me feel stupid. Frankly, I think Mark was having fun building a system in his mind. I could see him light up with the challenge. Well, I went home and did a lot more research on the internet and talked with friends about the brands and equipment I seen. With all the reviews, I was very confident I knew which stereo, speakers and amp I wanted. Now back to the store for the second time. Mark was again there and greeted me. He dropped what he was doing and went through the whole learning process with me again. I found the equipment that would work for my car and budget and pointed them out to Mark. Luckily, Mark found me a better amp at a lower price that would complement my speakers. The third day, I came in and paid for the equipment. I had to wait until a part came in which would take about a week. I was so excited. Come to find out, the manager ordered the part before I paid for it. I think he knew how excited I was. And to top that off, the part arrived a couple of days later, not a week. So, this morning I dropped my car off at CarFi and went to work. I ended up getting off work a little late and was afraid I would miss the 5:30 closing time. I called and explained that I may not be there until after closing time. I asked if they would be okay placing my key under may car so I can pick it up tonight. They said I sure could since I paid in full already. I get to CarFi right at 5:30 and find my key well hidden from view of the pubic. Thanks. So, I get in and turn the radio on and I was amazed. I heard sound I never knew was there. I look just under my radio and found a cubby hole for miscellaneous items. Wow! I loved finding this surprise. I will use this cubby hole for a lot of things. This was a major surprise and treat for me. And now I stop off to pick up a bite to eat. I come back out to my car and turn the ignition on. My first thought was who the hell left the radio turn up? Then I smile and think, oh that’s me. Then I giggle and think, my radio can actually get loud. I’m driving down the road again jamming to some good music when I hear this tick tick tick. At first, I’m think somethings wrong. Then I realize, nope, the tick is a note from a song I know that I never knew was there with the previous speakers. I can hear the full range of sounds now without it sounding like I have a pillow over my head. I am very tickled by the equipment and the staff there. My one complaint is this. I looked for over two hours for the amp. I know I had it, after all, I paid for it and the amp package was empty. I began getting a little frustrated thinking maybe they left the amp on the counter and never installed it. Really, it was supposed to be installed under the front seat. I looked, I felt and I looked again. Still nothing. I looked everywhere. Well almost. I found the amp under the dash right below the radio. Ingenious! No one would ever know it was there and it would not get damaged from under the seats. Okay, this is no longer a complaint. I was impressed. I can’t wait to show what my stereo can do now. I plan to save up a little more and purchase another amp and sub-woofer by the same brand. Have I expressed how pleased I am with Carfi, their staff and equipment? Well, I am. And I will tell everyone who asked about my experiences here. Thank you CarFi and especially Mark and the installations technicians, or should I say artists. Sincerely, Karl

  • I needed a reliable estimate of repairs on my car that had to be done ... read more I needed a reliable estimate of repairs on my car that had to be done . I was very pleased at how timely geoff handled the matter

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