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Boat Reviews in the Cary Area

  • WillreviewedMobile Marine

    Brought my boat to Mobile marines shop , his shop rate is much cheaper... read more Brought my boat to Mobile marines shop , his shop rate is much cheaper than mobile but I dont mind . Anyway it had been sitting for quite sometime and I figured I would replace the engine since mine was prob dead . Phil made it run again and for a great price and decent turn around time . Took the boat out and found what I thought were some more issues so I called Phillip up and he looked at it again , ready to fork out some more $$$ I was shocked when he said it was slight mistake on his part . He could have very easily said it was something else and charged me for it and I would have never known different . Runs like new again and I now have a good honest mechanic . Thumbs up

  • RoyreviewedMobile Marine

    I can not believe this shop charges what it does for the quality of wo... read more I can not believe this shop charges what it does for the quality of work they do , I mean this in a good way . I am retired and with nothing much to do but fish I need my boat right and reliable . I was recommended to Phil when i first started having issues from every single one of my fellow fishing and boating buddies and I am highly recommending him to you . He diagnosed my buddies boat that had a skip in it just by listening and watching it run , hit the nail on head the first time and under 5 minutes with no tools and no history of the dang thing . Phil is a straight honest shooter and dont try to sell you or fix nothing you dont need , as long as he has worked on it , I dont worry abit about it leaving me stuck .

  • "My boat was running fine (35-45 mph with no problem) except with a li... read more "My boat was running fine (35-45 mph with no problem) except with a little tapping noise in the engine." That means your engine is blown. Some people have unrealistic expectations, a full engine rebuild takes at least two days to complete and during the process other parts that may need to be replaced will have to be ordered once you discover they are needed and depending on manufacturer or after-market parts distributor they can each take from one day to several weeks to get in. In the Summer months we run on average (just like every other boat repair business, including dealerships) 3-5 weeks behind in inventory. Our yard can only handle 50-70 boats maximum and we receive 90-100 a month from May to August. We turn away business every single day in the Summer because we only work on boats in the order we receive them. No one gets special treatment. We have, since 2004, serviced over 4,000 boats and David has been a mechanic at every single dealership in the area so our policies are derived from those companies. We guarantee all of our work but strangely these anonymous internet posters never seem to want to bring the work back if unsatisfied choosing instead to shell out thousands of dollars on what they claim is shotty work. We know who this particular customer is and he drove over an hour to use our service because no one else will even work on his model engine. This person thought that they did not need to level of work and did not want to pay us for our work, wanting to argue in the hope of getting some kind of steep discount when we already charge less than any dealership in the area and David makes a point of trying to keep the bill as low as possible. We never touched this guy's electrical system and his boat was run in front of him for a half an hour while David explained everything he did to it. If the boat was not repaired why did he pay and why did he pick it up? -DMMS

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