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Auto Reviews in the Greensboro Area

  • TarareviewedCiti Tint & Custom

    I visited this shop because they had a $99 tint sign up! When I got i... read more I visited this shop because they had a $99 tint sign up! When I got inside the $99 no longer applied! I was quoted $129.00 and a cheaper price if I paid cash. My final bill was $160.00 the difference was supposed to be for the darkest tint....I only received 35%. I have a legal tint waiver that allows me to go darker than normal, which comes with a sticker from the state that must be applied between the tint and the windshield. When I showed this to Marc he was like I don't need that! So I did not pursue getting my windows tinted because he seemed a little thrown off and slow! They always seemed to be backed up, and behind. They called me on a Sunday and said they could do my car because they were caught up and had the darkest tint so I tried it. Both were very nice until I gave my money up! I used the front door, after I paid I had to walk through the dog poop,dirt and dust. Some customer service! When I got my car back it had footprints throughout the car all over the seats, back seat back of front seat, water runs running down every part of my car, no clean up! Had my car detailed at the infinity shop the day prior when I got it back it looked like someone had been doing burnouts on a dirt road. A thick film of gray dusty smoke that took 2 drive through washes to clear up but not clean, which is how I found out that my drivers window seal had been cut now water comes through my car when I go through the car wash, or when it rains. After the dirt was cleared off my car I noticed the windows had several razor cuts on the outside of my drivers window. They don't come from the Chevrolet place like that! The door and window seal was broken in several places on the drivers side like a grown person tried sliding out the door.

  • JadereviewedCiti Tint & Custom

    Paid for a stereo system $500 plus free tint waste of money tint was d... read more Paid for a stereo system $500 plus free tint waste of money tint was different colors each window it was fade and purple bubbles and edges was cut poorly look like Helen Keller did the windows System I found out was a used amp from a pawn shop with recycle old speakers from someone else's car. Radio did not look new knob fell off when I got home that's how I realize how this shoe maker idiots work knob was glued on cd didn't play they also broke dash and left a bad cheese doodle smell in my vehicle scratch the interior and deny it. Come to find out they been ripping people off for years please do not take your vehicle ,bicycle or sneakers to this place worst shop I ever been to . They will use your car to practice they have no skills at anything except destroying your vehicle

  • JohnreviewedCiti Tint & Custom

    I had my vehicle 2009 Mercedes hit in quarter panel had the worse pain... read more I had my vehicle 2009 Mercedes hit in quarter panel had the worse paint job I ever witness in my life My little 6 year old world have done a better job with a crayon or sharpie painting my car by number Marc the short guy painted was so unacceptable it had trash dirt paint was caked up my bondo fell off the car quarter panel after a month paint turn white and is chipping off the tint in my vehicle looks like I'm driving around in a huge fish tanks with so many bubbles on the glass. His pit bull rude wife sister whatever she is the crazy psyco bi polar lady was extremely rude no manners acted like where she's from the getto no class no manners no customer or people skills. They treat you great to get your buissness once your money is in their hands they treat you like trash and short chain the work on cars using used parts. If you like to get robbed or give your money away this is your place of disappointment. Stay away !!!!!! Like the sign said beware of dog!!!!!!

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