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Auto Reviews in the Hot Springs Area

  • This shop is so bad I wish I could give it negative stars and have it ... read more This shop is so bad I wish I could give it negative stars and have it shut down. The owner, Dennis Worley, is a dishonest, irresponsible, and morally corrupt scam artist. Everyone I know that knows him has had experiences where they were stolen from either by paying for services that were not completed, or were completed poorly/incorrectly. My experience, however, really takes the cake. When I brought my very first car (a greatly loved 2010 Mazda 3) into Dennis' shop for some minor repairs I experienced the worst injustice a business has ever done me. Not only did the mechanics not complete the repairs and execute a poor paint job in the wrong color, but they actually TOTALED my car. The employee responsible, Kyle Ledford, was driving over 30 minutes away in my car when this happened. This was not a test drive, it was a completely unauthorized joy ride. Kyle was deemed responsible for the accident in the police report and given a citation for excessive speed. Dennis proceeded to lie about the incident, claiming it was in a different area and that it wasn't his employee's fault. Then he refused to fix my car (not that he could have if he tried,) pay for it to be fixed, or pay for its replacement. He even refused to disclose his insurance information. I don't believe he even has insurance which is required to run an auto shop. My insurance company contacted him several times and even attempted litigation, but no justice was served. Before anyone claims it was a money issue and Worley couldn't afford to pay for my $1200 used car, I know for a fact that he recently spent over $100,000 on home renovations. This man makes a living off of scamming innocent customers. He is incapable of car repair let alone running an auto shop. I have NEVER heard a good thing about this man in my life, he has the reputation of being an untrustworthy, deceitful con artist. Even his friends agree with this statement. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!!

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