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  • This guy is the reason used car dealers have a bad reputation! We saw ... read more This guy is the reason used car dealers have a bad reputation! We saw a car they had on the internet. We called to inquire and were told the car had been checked out and was in great shape. We drove 2 hours to test drive it and were told repeatedly what a great car and how it had been checked by their mechanic and we would get lots of miles from the engine!!! Well we bought it and on the way home the check engine light came on, we discovered that the trunk was leaking, and the blower on the heat didn't work properly. We called t and told him we wanted to bring it back and apply our money to another car. Barry, the owner, said he couldn't do that but he did send someone to get the car and left us a car. As soon as we drove that car out our driveway, it had 2 different lights come on!!! He called to say the car was fixed. Well - the trunk still leaks, the heater motor had to be replaced, and after a week we get stuck in freezing temps without heat. We take the car in to fix heater only to find out we either need a new engine or have to rebuild it at a cost of $1600!!! He refuses to do anything. This guy, a former cop, even told me on the phone that I couldn't hurt his reputation because I live in Mt. Airy! Said I have no reason to complain because I got such a steal on the car!!! We trusted this guy and he is nothing but a scammer - so much for trust in your public defenders!!! Save your $ and stay away from this guy!!!

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