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Catalytic Converter Recycling in Midland

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Auto Reviews in the Midland Area

  • One of the best auto shops I've ever been to in Charlotte. The owner w... read more One of the best auto shops I've ever been to in Charlotte. The owner was super nice and helpful. The waiting room is awesome! There was a Kuerig coffee maker and some very nice and clean waiting area. I had to get a ground wire replaced on my car and they charged me next to nothing. They also noticed something was wrong with my car when they pulled the car into the shop. They came to ask if they could see what was wrong with my breaks and they wouldn't charge me at all for looking at it because they were worried about my safety and just wanted to check them, of course I said yes. They came back and told me both of my front control arms were bad. They gave me and estimate on a printed out sheet of paper to tell me what the cost was to fix it, told me what to do, and gave me an estimate on how long they had left before they were completely done. Great people who were pleasant and honest. The other bad reviews have no clue what they are talking about and were very petty. I plan on taking my car to Super Eagle in the future.

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