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  • I asked SMALL rv to troubleshoot my heaters (f&r) both fans would star... read more I asked SMALL rv to troubleshoot my heaters (f&r) both fans would start but not light off, the leveling sys control board would lite up but system would click (like starter relay). I asked Mike (owner) to call me if over $200.00 to repair. He called me after a few hours. Mike said that he got the heaters to work but I needed a safety value kit cost around $200, the leveling system needed motor rebuilt cost $1500 ?. Mike had his son show me the part I needed to fix heaters. Mike had printed a bill for 2 hrs of troubleshoot @ $100hr. $200 + tax. I looked at the bill and ask if he would add what his finding were (valve kit and rebuilt moter). I noticed that this (add finding) really upset him. I even patted him on his back. I ordered the part from FT Manufacturer, while I was waiting for part I called manufacturer for leveling system motor. I was told I would have to send them my motor to be rebuilt. I consider myself pretty handy and decided to see if I could remove motor myself. I found that the power cable wasnt making good connection and needed new connector. I figured this is where my problem was but decided to remove motor and have it tested. Motor tested good shot HYD fluid across room. Bought new connector for less then $5. I reinstalled and it worked great. I received the part in mail for heater took 15min to install. I heater still would not light off. I called Mike, told him heater still would not work. He said I didn't know what I was doing. He was really upset, first bet me $100 he could get it working. I told him I had replaced what his son pointed to. Again he questioned my mechanical skills. He lost it when I told him I have fixed leveling system for less than $5. He is what I think he did, he spent about 15min, he knew the heaters system and what it needed to repair. I think he guessed on the motor, because had he even checked wires he could have fixed it. There's no dought in my mind he knows what he doing. But I do not think he is fair or honest. I told him I was giving him the money. I think he has some anger issues. I have nothing against Mike personally. This happened in June and I have sold that rv and purchased another. I am not writing this in angry. R/S Michael Johnson

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